Canada’s heartbreak troubadour of twang. 

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(Well not all twang, but Nudie intelligently honours the roots of country with his own wit, wisdom and brilliant stories.) Nudie played a "house concert" at A\J's office last November (2016). He's touring Ontario in May and we can't wait to host Nudie at another A\J house concert!

It won’t come as a surprise to most that we waste a significant amount of food as a society. We’ve all experienced that moment at the restaurant when we realize we won’t be able to finish what’s on our plate or that moment we find the strawberries in our fridge have grown fuzzy mold. I always feel a certain amount of guilt when this happens to me, not only because throwing out food feels like throwing out money, but because I know there are so many people in the world that go hungry every day.

The movie Selma was released earlier this month to widespread critical acclaim. While the film is beautifully made and relatively true to the history it is based on, there’s another achievement that most people overlook in the film.

Widespread public debate on building vast networks of snaking energy pipelines throughout Canada dominated the country’s environmental newsreel in 2014, and will continue making headlines in the year ahead.

By Anil Kanji

Winter cycling is no longer the domain of daring bicycle couriers or mountain biking aficionados. With rising gas prices, environmental footprint concerns, and improved infrastructure for city riding, commuting by bicycle year-round is a growing trend. “We’re seeing more and more people out there,” says Yvonne Bambrick, spokesperson for the Toronto Cyclists Union, an advocacy organization, who cycles through the year.

By Cara Smusiak. Re-published from Green Living Online.

The cold weather is here, but you can still take a few easy steps to winterize your home. Your wallet – and the planet – will thank you. Here are a few ideas:

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