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Don't let gas prices and traffic jams spoil your weekend away from it all. Leaving the car at home ups your relaxation and lowers your impact.
Abenaki-style birchbark canoe made by Tom Byers.
These works of art and feats of engineering are central to Canadian and First Nations history – and the craft of birchbark canoe-making is still alive and well.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott
The two Commonwealth nations have a lot in common: environmentally hostile right-wing governments intent on obstructing global climate progress.
Antibacterial hand soap
A new report confirming toxicity – and widespread presence in the Great Lakes – could help the push to ban triclosan and triclocarbon in consumer products.
No Line 9 protest in North Dumfries, Haudenosaunee territory
This is the second "integrity dig" along the Line 9 route interrupted this week.
“Everybody Eats” effectively balances health, environment, social justice and economic concerns.
DIY beekeeping beehive frame
Watch and learn the basics of being a hobby beekeeper!
Courthouse with pillars.
How Harper’s “war on science” impacts the justice system – and the potential for setting things right.
Up Drop (Aurora Robson), a 9-foot-tall sculpture made from plastic debris.
Aurora Robson and other Project Vortex artists work with plastic waste to keep it out of our oceans.
Traffic in Barrie, Ontario
The Environmental Commissioner’s annual progress report points to outdated climate change goals and a lack of action.
Heavy truck traffic in Towanda PA as a result of Marcellus Shale natural gas fra
Frequent truck traffic is destroying rural roads near fracking wells – leaving small communities with repair bills bigger than the tax revenue the oil and gas brings in.
Cape Town Stadium panorama. World Cup 2010.
A major sports tournament isn’t delivering on its sustainability promises yet again – and the story won't change until the impact of international travel is addressed.
Ontario Legislature building, Queen's Park
MPP Glen Murray is taking on the first cabinet-level role in Canada with an explicit focus on climate change.
Lucky Harms made with real GMO. Vermont mural by Brian Clark.
If the groundbreaking law makes it to its 2016 effective date, it will set a strong precedent for the rest of the US and Canada.
Lito Green Motion's Sora electric motorcycle
The Sora, like Tesla, is hell-bent on making electric vehicles cool.
A bed with a green bedspread in front of a green wall.
Having a child more than quintuples your carbon legacy. That’s just part of the case for “Green Inclinations, No Kids.”
Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
There are more sustainable paths to self discovery than hopping a plane to the other side of the planet.
Pregnant woman in front of a birthing pool.
Hospital births use more resources, from materials to energy. Trim your child’s footprint from the start with a home birth.
natural medicine A/J
Easy, affordable and natural ways to help your hair, skin, stomach and sleep!
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