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You'd be surprised what people flush down the toilet – and how much it's costing municipalities to clean up.
Seedlings growing on stacks of coins.
Can we disconnect economic growth from environmental degradation? Find out in part 2 of our series on the feasibility of a sustainable world with unlimited economic growth.
Laurentian University Architecture ice fishing huts project
Laurentian University’s new School of Architecture is revolutionizing the profession in Canada by focusing on local and cultural contexts.
DIY homemade deodorants with baking soda and cornstarch
Mix up a DIY version in just five minutes that will keep you dry and stink-free using ingredients you already have in your kitchen.
Open Data in Canada
The open sharing of government data has the potential to reboot public participation in politics.
The surging popularity of vintage shops is just one sign of the emerging circular economy.
No windmills here
Dismissing wind and solar protesters as cartoon villains is a common red herring which distracts from the real origins of Ontario’s renewable energy unrest.
Common lilacs make great water-saving flowers for your garden
Reduce water use and maintenance with plants that can handle a little summer neglect.
Teamwork and collaboration CAN be successful.
Forget chasing the expert – how collaboration among environmental organizations can solve complex environmental problems better, together.
Current models often abandon endangered species at the first sign of improvement. This one sees them through to a fully recovered state.
A researcher at the Experimental Lakes Area in Ontario.
Getting the team back together at the Experimental Lakes Area may be tougher than saving the project itself.
Seedlings growing on stacks of coins.
A new series exploring the feasibility of a sustainable world with unlimited economic growth opens by bridging the language gap between economists and environmentalists.
A sustainable guitar from Jedidiah's Planet Saving Guitars.
Architect and designer Eric Nay starts off a new blog on Canadian design innovation with a profile of sustainable luthier Jedidiah Weibe.
Earth Day Canada's annual challenge and an update on the impact of meat on climate change offer up easy ways you can make a difference every day.
Leaving meat out of your diet may be the number one thing you can do to reduce greenhouse gases.
The Hamilton skyline from the escarpment.
The Upwind-Downwind conference provides a snapshot of how municipalities are tackling air quality, public health and climate change adaptation.
Home energy retrofit loans
Alternative financing models mean low interest renovation loans will follow your property, not you.
cleaning with lemon, vinegar, baking soda and borax A\J
Ditch the chemicals and deep clean your home the healthy way.
Pieces of chocolate and mint leaves
Advice from cacao farmers on buying the best sustainable chocolate.
Solar panel "trees"
Renewable energy does not need to be the diametric opposite of fossil fuels in order to be a much better solution.

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