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Best Things Ever of All Time, This Week!
Hair scrunchies on cats, why there are no sea snakes in the Atlantic and more cool things we learned this week!
Americana 2015: Acting on Climate Change \ Photo by Marcia Ruby
A report-back from Americana 2015: There is hope for change if we work together.
(Photo: a field of plastic and a dead cow outside Bikaner, India)
Can India overcome its culture of litter?
A bike super-highway, the warmest winter – everywhere except Canada – and more stuff we learned this week.
Toronto's waterfront
Toxin levels in Toronto fish have shown a pronounced decline since the 1970s, though widespread safe consumption could still be two decades away.
Canada's map to sustainability
A\J's creative director explains the meaning behind the imagery from our Roadmap to Sustainability issue.
Piping Plover | ShutterGlow Photo
A victim of unintended consequences, the piping plover shows no signs of recovery.
Which fruit has the least pesticides, a tiny house quiz and more cool stuff we found this week.
Climate fund would invest in transit (photo: Angers, France / Chris Winter)
An Ontario carbon tax is a viable option – let's make this happen.
What Healthy Soil Looks Like | Natural Resources Conservation Soil Program
One third of all land is degraded – and agriculture is the biggest culprit. Here are five ways we can improve soil health.
Bull Boreal Woodland Caribou by J.H. on Flickr
The driving principle behind species-at-risk management in Canada has shifted from protection to mitigation – and it shows.
How much clouds weigh, your coffee footprint and more cool stuff we found this week.
Ijen Sulphur Mining. Kevin McElvaney.
In East Java, miners carry 90-kilogram loads of sulphur out of a crater on the active Ijen volcano – a four-hour trip many make twice a day. Meanwhile, in Alberta, Syncrude is building the world’s largest pyramid out of its own sulphur, a byproduct of bitumen mining.
The face of grass fed beef
How does the family farm fit into the story of rising prices and global food insecurity?
NOAA Fisheries Photo
The first blue whale research organization in the world is at risk of disappearing from the coast.
23 women were selected to establish a new "Bold Vision" for Canada for the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference. One of them, Catherine Potvin, is A\J's next guest editor.
A new animated series by Green Majority explains the basic concepts of climate science.
Great Auks
Tales of humanity's last encounters with three species that once called Atlantic Canada home.
Breaking Up With Fossil Fuels
Love is universal, and so is climate change. Read the winning entries in the Divest Waterloo letter writing contest.
Marine litter. One winters worth. Lots of fishing gear.
Up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic waste enter the world's oceans every year, partly due to litter and inadequate waste management.
Toronto, Ontario
Vancouver, British Columbia
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  • Find out how you can support Beyond Crisis, a documentary in-the-making, started by young Canadians: #SmartOnClimate 15 hours 57 min ago
  • The focus of species-at-risk management has shifted & it's not painting a pretty picture for many endangered species. 16 hours 15 min ago