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Environmentalists need to remember that the personal is political and stop being so polite about others’ unsustainable behaviour.
Joseph Boutilier on his unicycle
Why Joseph Boutilier spent the last five months riding his unicycle from Victoria, BC to Ottawa.
Abeego wraps covering bowls and glasses.
The compostable Abeego food wrap offers a healthy, environmentally-friendly alternative to smothering your food in plastic.
Live Local KW
A\J joins Live Local KW, a one week challenge to support local businesses and organizations by eating, shopping and playing local.
2014 Arctic Adaptations Venice Biennale Exhibit
The lauded Arctic Adaptations exhibit demonstrates how sustainable design and a non-hierarchical process can bridge tradition and modernization in Northern communities.
Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Protest at Tufts University
Only engaging – not shaming – will cut us loose from carbon.
Beyond Food Banks
At community food centres, meeting basic food needs is a jumping-off point for tackling bigger issues, like health and sustainable agriculture.
60 MW geothermal power plant in Iceland.
Geothermal energy pays off – if you can front the cash needed to find it.
Biomass wood pellets
What’s to blame for high emissions: biomass itself, or lax regulations?
Back issue sale! Only $3.00 an issue.
We’re cleaning out the vault! Grab your copies before they're gone.
Trépanier’s original on-location painting of Mount Logan, BC
When we all look back on this, Cory Trépanier’s contribution to our natural heritage will be priceless.
Gray spruce looper moth, family Geometridae
Think moths are boring? Try moth-watching and you might be surprised.
Oil Palm Concession in Riau, Sumatra
Our demand for this cheap oil is devastating ecosystems around the globe. Here’s how to look for it on food and household product labels.
Southbrook Vineyards and Monforte Dairy are combining old world methods with contemporary design thinking for superior, sustainable and delicious products.
Young girl with root vegetables, learning how food is produced.
If we want to fix our food system, we need more comprehensive understanding of food literacy that incorporates food production, social justice and environmental elements.
Line 9 construction blockade in Innerkip, Ontario
Protestors have shut down a pipeline construction site in Innerkip, Ontario, and plan to stay "indefinitely."
A cabin in the woods
Why it’s human nature to want an escape.
Wind Turbine near a town
New wind turbines designed for remote installation are bound to make some people very happy, but will they undermine the community energy movement?
Don't let gas prices and traffic jams spoil your weekend away from it all. Leaving the car at home ups your relaxation and lowers your impact.
Abenaki-style birchbark canoe made by Tom Byers.
These works of art and feats of engineering are central to Canadian and First Nations history – and the craft of birchbark canoe-making is still alive and well.