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We must step up both as citizens and as economic actors.
Issue 42.1, Faith is now live and on news stands!
An imminent pause in the oil patch boom suggests that it might be time to put some of our eggs in another basket.
Solar panels in the city
Solar power’s popularity is skyrocketing – even where you’d least expect it. Here’s how we can keep the momentum up.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott
The two Commonwealth nations have a lot in common: environmentally hostile right-wing governments intent on obstructing global climate progress.
The surging popularity of vintage shops is just one sign of the emerging circular economy.
biking in denmark by windmills A\J AlternativesJournal.ca
Canada could learn a lot from this Scandinavian country, from transportation to renewable energy.
What Enbridge already knows about where and how much the Northern Gateway Pipeline will leak.
Alberta tar sands / oil sands overhead shot. Alternatives Journal.
Canada is going all-in on the tar sands, regardless of reputation, economics or the environment.
keystone xl northern gateway pipelines A\J AlternativesJournal.ca
David B. Brooks identifies the lines that separate Keystone, Northern Gateway and none of the above.
An abandoned playground in Detroit. A\J – Alternatives Journal
A\J founder Robert Paehlke wanders down Detroit’s long and bumpy road to sustainability.
Robert Paehlke lays out how we might at least put some lipstick on Canada-the-climate-change-dinosaur.
A\J founder Dr. Robert Paehlke recounts a thorough history of cuts to Canadian environmental protection agencies, leading up to the ruthless slashing we’re seeing today.
Best-selling author Andrew Nikiforuk discusses his latest book with A\J board member Kyrke Gaudreau.
A\J editorial board member Kyrke Gaudreau reports on the conservation icon’s keynote speech in Israel.
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