A\J Special Delivery

Reviewing the 2015 documentary that tells the story of the people and politics involved in creating Greenpeace.
Introducing: 41.5 Out of the Box (screenshot)
A sneak peak of A/J's latest Out of the Box issue!
Together, we did a lot of great work in 2015. But that work is just getting started...
Catch up on this week’s biggest climate and COP21 news
Alberta tar sands
An open letter from Canadian activist Tzeporah Berman on new beginnings
We cover the basics of the upcoming 2015 Paris Climate Conference
Terra Lightfoot
A\J's publisher caught up with Ontario musician Terra Lightfoot this summer to talk about the Greenbelt Harvest Picnic and community
Federal Election
We've compiled the last-minute resources you need to read before you cast your ballot for the 42nd Federal Election.
Parliament Hill
The team behind Shit Harper Did just released their documentary years in the making
Catch up on this week's biggest election-environment news
Federal Election
Catch up on this week's biggest election-environment news
Meditation at Hillside
Meditation is going mainstream — we share the health benefits and what studies are showing
Federal Election
Catch up on this week's biggest election-environment news
Introducing 41:4 Careers (Screen shot)
A sneak peak at A\J's latest issue!
Voting 101
Everything you need to know about voting in the upcoming federal elections.
Shark on a bus - the moveable museum exhibit
Paul Sharp drives around Australia in a mobile marine museum, spreading the word about the challenges facing our oceans.
Does climate change inhibit extraterrestrial life from making contact?
Maybe we haven’t heard from aliens because advanced civilizations kill themselves off via environmental destruction before they can travel space.
(Photo: a cityscape of downtown Los Angeles, California)
Surface runoff due to industrial agriculture and urban development is a big factor in the California water shortage. Permaculture may be the answer.