Backstage at A\J

EarthPLAY for Earth Day 2017: Connect to your nature!
Clapping fans enjoying a reading
What exactly is ecotheology? How can we use faith to connect to the environment?
You wouldn't sit in a closed garage with the car on, why are we doing the same thing to our planet? AJ Video Intern, Laura Moncada asks this important question.
A\J's publisher, David McConnachie joined The Agriculture Show to discuss the environment, A\J all with a dash of some awesome folk music.
Nudie in da house
Join Nudie at A\J's funky factory office for some good downhome fun and great music. May 12, 2017. Get tickets now!
The big move is complete, come visit our new digs!
Planet In Focus
Media and Environmentalism go hand-in-hand in the annual festival’s 16th year
Change is constant
A message from A\J's publisher about the constancy of change and the future of A\J
Second Revolution Communications
Alternatives Inc. Chooses Second Revolution Communications to act as its Business Development Arm
Watershed - Eric Peterson and cast
From the team behind Seeds, The Watershed explores the tensions between our need for sustainable watersheds and an economy based on their harm.
A found-objects playground in St. Louis, floating solar power stations in Japan, left-handed kangaroos and more cool stuff we found this week.
Solar-powered "supertrees," octopuses with souls, a new hydrothermal vent field in California and more cool stuff we found this week.
Melissa Stieber of More Than Half clothing in Kitchener, Canada
What’s behind that fair trade, organic cotton dress.
Water filtering paper, smog-eating concrete, plants with long-term memory and more cool stuff we found this week.
A new green roof mandate in France, environmentally friendly asphalt, computer server "data furnaces" and more cool stuff we found this week.
The most cycling-friendly city in America, cartwheeling spiders, how worms are helping to prevent climate change and more cool stuff we found this week.
Breaking the World Record for tree planting, solar bike paths, a hero elephant and more cool stuff we found this week.
Which nuts are drought-safe, tree-planting drones, a new volcanically active planet and more cool stuff we found this week.
Kitchener, Ontario
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