Backstage at A\J

Changes to the A\J team this month.
Back issue sale! Only $3.00 an issue.
We’re cleaning out the vault! Grab your copies before they're gone.
Take a first look at the 3rd Annual Art & Media issue – and get it FREE with any new subscription!
Earth Day Canada's annual challenge and an update on the impact of meat on climate change offer up easy ways you can make a difference every day.
The official Night\Shift recap video
Relive Kitchener's inaugural festival of nocturnal adventure – and get ready for the next round!
A\J's famous beer brownies, made by publisher Marcia Ruby.
That's right – brownies made with beer.
A\J's coverage of amazing new documentaries at Canada's leading environmental film festival.
Night\Shift, Kitchener's overnight arts festival, presented by A\J.
Thousands of nocturnal adventurers came out to Kitchener's first overnight arts festival!
The making of the A\J video bumper.
NIGHT\SHIFT, November 2, 9pm to 3am. Presented by A\J.
Kitchener’s inaugural nuit blanche-style festival of art, culture, bright ideas and nocturnal adventure!
Beyond Green Summit EcoMentors A\J
Earth Day Canada’s EcoMentors talk about conference highlights, logistics and more in this Q&A.
Aurora Borealis. Solar flares. A\J.
From the northern lights to light pollution, the Night issue investigates ideas that resonate most deeply in the dark.
A ceramic bear feasting on mouldy jam cake. Klaus Pichler. A\J.
Get a sneak preview and the story behind the beautifully gross upcoming cover.
Urban Ecologies conference logo. OCAD. Alternatives Journal. A\J
The Urban Ecologies conference calls for balancing human and environmental needs in our expanding cities.
Tanks but No Tanks shirt. No tankers on BC coast campaign. Alternatives Journal
The BC government kept its word and has rejected the pipeline project for not meeting environmental requirements.
Windfall Ecology Centre Electric Car A\J
The Windfall Centre in Newmarket is hosting a weekend of eco-fun on June 8th & 9th.
Roberta Bondar addressing students at the EcoMentors Earth Month Youth Forum.
Contagious energy: A\J shares highlights from the Earth Month Youth Forum.
From the Victories Celebration to raw olive oil, here are A\J's favourite moments and discoveries at the 2013 Green Living Show.
EcoMentors and the ROM team up for the Earth Month Youth Forum: join the chorus of 250 excited voices on April 27.
More must-see highlights from this weekend's event in Toronto.
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