Food and Culture

LEDs on display at Rabba. (Photo provided by Rabba Fine Foods.)
Rick Rabba of Rabba Fine Foods finds solace (and savings) in energy retrofits.
New research suggests bees are susceptible to stress at work. (Photo from USGS).
Maintaining sound mental health isn't just crucial for humans to operate at their best — turns out bees need a break, too.
David Waltner Toews reimagines humanity’s relationship with insects, from eating them, to working with them for pest control, and even playing them rock music…
a vegetarian meal
A future sustained by meat alternatives — what are you willing to change?
Understanding the lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet and other uncommon meatless lifestyles
Craft beer
What's the environmental impact of your glass of beer or wine? Ontario breweries and wineries are starting to take sustainability seriously.
Leaving meat out of your diet may be the number one thing you can do to reduce greenhouse gases.
Pieces of chocolate and mint leaves
Advice from cacao farmers on buying the best sustainable chocolate.
Cacao pod and seeds.
Part two of our sustainable chocolate series looks at the science behind cacao cultivation – and how it becomes the chocolate we love so much.
Chocolate, raw cacao, cinnamon sticks and star anise A\J
In the face of increasing global demand, Peruvian farmers are benefiting from opportunities to learn about the best strategies in sustainable cultivation, management and environmental conservation.
parkways and driveways A\J
The origin of suburbs and the evolution of transportation provide lessons for reimagining our cities.
dumpster diving A\J
A Q&A with a veteran dumpster diver, to answer all of your concerns about the why, how and safety aspects of reclaiming garbage.
organic family dinner nutritious eating A\J
Tips and tricks from naturopath Sarah Connors for eating organic, even if you’re broke.
corn chowder recipe A\J
This corn chowder recipe is perfect for using up the last of the season's fresh veggies.
Herbal remedies.
Learn all about adaptogenic herbs, plus how to make tinctures and honeyballs.
petri dish with mould antibiotic resistance A\J
How are anti-bacterial resistance, factory farming and pandemics connected?
Hazelnut and blueberry dessert served at Camp Home by Michael Stadtländer.
Celebrity chef Michael Stadtländer's educational escape for grown-ups.
Plant a pollinator-friendly garden this spring to support your local farms and protect food security.
The edible benefits of the world’s largest greenbelt.
A taste of the ecological challenges of chocolate, and the efforts to make it more sustainable.