Green Living

Sustainable housing doesn't go far enough. It's time for net zero housing: where more carbon is sequestered than released in a finished building.
Julia Goes Eco youtube channel
One woman's attempt to lead an eco lifestyle - and we all get to watch her journey.
Three days of green living ideas and green learning opportunities
Re-think that pile of waste lumber and renovation extras and create a magical outdoor space.
Unusually warm December temperatures are a welcome, yet eerie change for Toronto Island residents
As a recent transplant to Toronto Island, Jonathan Rotsztain will be documenting his first winter in this unique environment through interviews with seasoned Islanders
R3VOLVED - Assortment
This eco-friendly line of school and office supplies are changing how consumers view recycled plastics.
First Dates with David Miller, A\J
WWF Canada and Plug'n Drive team up to create funny videos to educate on EVs
Bicycle commuter riding next to a bus.
Reduce the carbon footprint of your daily travel.
Nursery with shelves, a crib, couch and skylights.
Tips for a healthy, happy baby.
Volunteers serve food at St. John's Kitchen.
The Working Centre, a community skill-building organization in Kitchener, describes how they put their sharing philosophy to work.
Common lilacs make great water-saving flowers for your garden
Reduce water use and maintenance with plants that can handle a little summer neglect.
cleaning with lemon, vinegar, baking soda and borax A\J
Ditch the chemicals and deep clean your home the healthy way.
Remodelling a small bathroom to save energy and resources.
How to lower your water and electricity use – and the costs that come with them – when remodelling your bathroom.
winter biking basics A\J
We clear up the misconceptions about this great winter activity and offer some tips to help you stay riding all year long.
Food label awareness. Photo © Art Allianz \
What do food buzzwords like "organic" and "free-range" really mean?
cacao honey quinoa healthy food swaps A\J
Make these surprising switches the next time you shop.
candles toxins A\J
Prepare for the next power outage or candlelit dinner with these tips on avoiding virulent votives.
winery eco-friendly travel voluntour A\J
5 (planet-friendly) ways to see the world