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A great deal of expert knowledge and resources have gone into Metrolinx’s proposal, but implementation has its challenges. What’s the hold up – and what can be done?
Julia Hawthornthwaite examines the nature of threats to the UK's greenbelts.
Assessing UK’s new home retrofit loan program.
Deciphering the MINDSPACE report, which connects behavioural economics to public policy making—and tests out one of its recommendations.
The mini-documentary Living Democracy from the Ground Up uses the struggle to protect BC's Fish Lake from the New Prosperity mine to demonstrate the real impacts of environmental laws.
Fuel-efficient vehicle discounts for the London Congestion Charge might lower emissions, but not congestion. Julia Hawthornthwaite reports from London, England on the tighter requirements.
In London, England, they (gasp!) don’t charge for plastic bags!
This blog will feature posts by Julia Hawthornthwaite focused on environmental policy and European perspectives on environmental issues.