Renewable Energy

No windmills here
Dismissing wind and solar protesters as cartoon villains is a common red herring which distracts from the real origins of Ontario’s renewable energy unrest.
Solar panel "trees"
Renewable energy does not need to be the diametric opposite of fossil fuels in order to be a much better solution.
WiRE co-founders Rebecca Black and Joanna Szarek Osawe.
WiRE is creating unique opportunities for women to connect with the renewable energy sector.
batteries Stu Campana A\J
New energy storage capabilities could help renewables increase in popularity.
Desalination Spain Jordan A\J
Global desalination projects need to include renewable energy sources, despite the possibility of a negative rebound effect.
MS Turanor Planet Solar A\J
The massive solar-powered catamaran might be a catalyst for changing the shipping status quo.
hydropower water wars A\J
US water shortages may lead to reduced hydroelectric production in Canada as we sell off our water.
planetsolar solar boat A\J
Does the world really need a $12-million catamaran?
windmill education wind farms co-operatives A\J
Co-ops provide a new way to educate communities on the benefits of renewable energy.
solar leaf A\J
The world's first artificial leaf provides reliable solar energy production.
Renewable Energy nuclear fusion A\J
Isaac Newton risked his sight for science; what will we risk for renewable energy?
algae BIQ IBA Hamburg A\J
The first building with a "bioreactor facade" has been completed in Germany.
gas station A\J
"Mountains" and "Oceans" suggest a future of oil, gas and coal, with renewables in the distance.
electric car A\J
Electric cars are only a good sustainable solution if complementary technologies are developed.
Would you cut down a tree to put up a solar panel?
Bubbles in ice - Alternatives Journal A\J Renewable Energy
Could new developments with methane hydrates in Japan threaten renewables – and any chance of mitigating global warming?
New evidence suggests negative health effects from wind turbines are caused by anti-wind campaigns themselves.
If we’re going to make renewables work, we need to start figuring out where to put them.
Stu Campana explores the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships between renewable energy infrastructure and greenbelts.
We can remain hopeful about the future of solar power, provided we deal with its worrisome side effects.
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