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(Photo: a woma
The difference between chemical and physical sunscreen, ingredients to avoid and other important details to help your skin protected this summer.
Chef's Garden Tour | Edsel Little via Flickr
Take a crash course to get your vegetable garden off to a strong start!
Citronella Plant Mosquito Repellant
In a move seen as targeting natural products, Health Canada is considering restricting the popular bug repellent ingredient.
Brown paper packages tied up with string by Susy Morris
95% of Canadians like the idea of more environmentally friendly gift-wrapping. Here's how to do it.
How to avoid filling the world with more plastic, toxic, resource-sucking or unwanted crap this holiday season.
Holiday survival guide
Let us help you through the December chaos.
Seed packets
Top tips for seed saving, rain gardens and sprouting from workshops at Guelph's Hillside Festival.
Janice Lee with Region of Waterloo staff recycling expert Kathleen Barsoum.
How recycling works and why you should sort yours at home.
World Ethical Apparel Roundtable
The World Ethical Apparel Roundtable represents a real industry shift.
Environmentalists need to remember that the personal is political and stop being so polite about others’ unsustainable behaviour.
Live Local KW
A\J joins Live Local KW, a one week challenge to support local businesses and organizations by eating, shopping and playing local.
Oil Palm Concession in Riau, Sumatra
Our demand for this cheap oil is devastating ecosystems around the globe. Here’s how to look for it on food and household product labels.
Don't let gas prices and traffic jams spoil your weekend away from it all. Leaving the car at home ups your relaxation and lowers your impact.
DIY beekeeping beehive frame
Watch and learn the basics of being a hobby beekeeper!
A bed with a green bedspread in front of a green wall.
Having a child more than quintuples your carbon legacy. That’s just part of the case for “Green Inclinations, No Kids.”
Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
There are more sustainable paths to self discovery than hopping a plane to the other side of the planet.
Pregnant woman in front of a birthing pool.
Hospital births use more resources, from materials to energy. Trim your child’s footprint from the start with a home birth.
Niche beauty companies are preserving biodiversity around the world by investing in natural ingredients and their ecosystems.
Dandelions in a field.
Often seen as a pesky weed, dandelions actually have a variety of uses and health benefits! Here's how to use them.
DIY homemade deodorants with baking soda and cornstarch
Mix up a DIY version in just five minutes that will keep you dry and stink-free using ingredients you already have in your kitchen.