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Seedlings growing on stacks of coins.
A 5-part series exploring the feasibility of a sustainable world with unlimited economic growth.
A sustainable guitar from Jedidiah's Planet Saving Guitars.
Architect and designer Eric Nay starts off a new blog on Canadian design innovation with a profile of sustainable luthier Jedidiah Weibe.
Earth Day Canada's annual challenge and an update on the impact of meat on climate change offer up easy ways you can make a difference every day.
Leaving meat out of your diet may be the number one thing you can do to reduce greenhouse gases.
The Hamilton skyline from the escarpment.
The Upwind-Downwind conference provides a snapshot of how municipalities are tackling air quality, public health and climate change adaptation.
Home energy retrofit loans
Alternative financing models mean low interest renovation loans will follow your property, not you.
cleaning with lemon, vinegar, baking soda and borax A\J
Ditch the chemicals and deep clean your home the healthy way.
Pieces of chocolate and mint leaves
Advice from cacao farmers on buying the best sustainable chocolate.
Solar panel "trees"
Renewable energy does not need to be the diametric opposite of fossil fuels in order to be a much better solution.
Cacao pod and seeds.
Part two of our sustainable chocolate series looks at the science behind cacao cultivation – and how it becomes the chocolate we love so much.
The "Climate Change Containment Unit" protesting Line 9 on the Grand River.
New reports from professional and community groups argue the threats posed by the two pipeline projects haven’t been properly considered by the National Energy Board – and that we’re not equipped to handle them.
Sunset over the Mackenzie River
Chris Wood reflects – again – on the clash between resource development and the ecological threshold of the Mackenzie River in an ebook released today by The Walrus.
A spirit bear from BC's coast, from CBC's Wild Canada. Interview on A\J.
Using cutting-edge technology, the breathtaking series shows you Canada like you’ve never seen it before – and “puts people back in the picture” of our natural world.
Colorado lodgepole pine forest destroyed by mountain pine beetle.
The groundbreaking act will address gaps in existing legislation and finally provide the tools – and authority – needed to address growing threats.
Toronto transit platform A\J
A great deal of expert knowledge and resources have gone into Metrolinx’s proposal, but implementation has its challenges. What’s the hold up – and what can be done?
Graduating student holds the planet in her hands.
An education in sustainability allows graduates to adopt a unique and valuable way of thinking.
Chocolate, raw cacao, cinnamon sticks and star anise A\J
In the face of increasing global demand, Peruvian farmers are benefiting from opportunities to learn about the best strategies in sustainable cultivation, management and environmental conservation.
Juvenile silver carp, an invasive species in North American waterways.
The US Army Corps of Engineers is weighing the options for keeping the invasive species out of Lake Michigan.
Snowy owl in flight.
Thousands of snowy owls are taking Eastern North America by storm.
Woodland caribou
Federal and provincial ministries have been ignoring deadlines for recovery strategies outlined in the Species At Risk and Endangered Species acts – and worse.