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NIGHT\SHIFT, November 2, 9pm to 3am. Presented by A\J.
Kitchener’s inaugural nuit blanche-style festival of art, culture, bright ideas and nocturnal adventure!
bicycle in Toronto cycling strategy A\J
Bicyclists may see the infrastructure they want by 2033, but shouldn’t get their hopes up until province commits financially.
biking in denmark by windmills A\J
Canada could learn a lot from this Scandinavian country, from transportation to renewable energy.
corn chowder recipe A\J
This corn chowder recipe is perfect for using up the last of the season's fresh veggies.
cacao honey quinoa healthy food swaps A\J
Make these surprising switches the next time you shop.
Herbal remedies.
Learn all about adaptogenic herbs, plus how to make tinctures and honeyballs.
petri dish with mould antibiotic resistance A\J
How are anti-bacterial resistance, factory farming and pandemics connected?
Girl in green recycle logo shirt A\J
What you can do to address environmental issues in a meaningful way.
coal power keystone pipeline battle Canada US A\J
Keystone XL approval unlikely unless Canada reins in oil, gas and coal emissions.
wind mills and solar panels
With energy pressures mounting, it's important to know what the alternatives are.
Beyond Green Summit EcoMentors A\J
Earth Day Canada’s EcoMentors talk about conference highlights, logistics and more in this Q&A.
The path to renewable energy.  A\J History. Alternatives Journal.
Exploring some of A\J's past and present partnerships, including a special two-part report on the provincial soft energy path studies of the late 1970s.
Earth First! co-founder Dave Foreman vs social ecologist Murray Bookchin.
A look at a 1980s battle between social ecologists and deep ecologists.
The Guelph Street Community Garden
Is your neighbourhood missing something? Here's how to fill a vacant lot with a community garden and join the urban ag revolution.
greenwashing labels A\J
Don't let those "eco-friendly" labels fool you: here's how to guard against the lure of green consumerism.
Enbridge Line 9 crosses the Grand River in North Dumfries, Ontario.
The CCCU joins emergency response exercise to draw attention to local impacts of the Line 9 pipeline and tar sands.
A\J History. We're old like trees.
We trace the growth of ecosystems thinking in A\J issues over the years, and name our best-selling issues.
Hazelnut and blueberry dessert served at Camp Home by Michael Stadtländer.
Celebrity chef Michael Stadtländer's educational escape for grown-ups.
Preserves A\J
Canning tips for novice to seasoned preservers.
Climate change will mean more snow in Canada. Alternatives Journal. A\J
The IPCC’s 5th report shows increased warming and more certainty than ever about human causation, despite what you might read elsewhere.
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