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The Guelph Street Community Garden
Is your neighbourhood missing something? Here's how to fill a vacant lot with a community garden and join the urban ag revolution.
greenwashing labels A\J
Don't let those "eco-friendly" labels fool you: here's how to guard against the lure of green consumerism.
Enbridge Line 9 crosses the Grand River in North Dumfries, Ontario.
The CCCU joins emergency response exercise to draw attention to local impacts of the Line 9 pipeline and tar sands.
A\J History. We're old like trees.
We trace the growth of ecosystems thinking in A\J issues over the years, and name our best-selling issues.
Hazelnut and blueberry dessert served at Camp Home by Michael Stadtländer.
Celebrity chef Michael Stadtländer's educational escape for grown-ups.
Preserves A\J
Canning tips for novice to seasoned preservers.
Climate change will mean more snow in Canada. Alternatives Journal. A\J
The IPCC’s 5th report shows increased warming and more certainty than ever about human causation, despite what you might read elsewhere.
Science lessons with Alternatives Journal
Key concepts to know when studying any aspect of the environment.
Shard and London Bridge at night A\J
Greenpeace activists continue to bring attention to the need for Arctic protection with intense actions that start before sunrise.
A\J Covers Progression A\J
The history of A\J and the environmental movement over the past 40 years.
What Enbridge already knows about where and how much the Northern Gateway Pipeline will leak.
high speed train A\J
Ontario’s growing population should lead to a high-speed rail network across the province.
streetlights along straightaway A\J
Healthy communities go a lot further for street safety than excessive outdoor lighting and have fewer negative effects on the environment.
Airplane over Field Pickering A\J
From People or Planes, to Land Over Landings, A\J once again reports on the GTA airport fiasco.
Aurora Borealis. Solar flares. A\J.
From the northern lights to light pollution, the Night issue investigates ideas that resonate most deeply in the dark.
Scientists scramble to save bats as White Nose Syndrome spreads across North America.
Otesha Project A\J
The Otesha Project's Nation to Nation bike tour member Nawaaz Makhani shares three examples of people working to break down the barriers between communities.
Otesha Project A\J
An empowering bike tour inspired A\J to create this photo essay of farms and new friends.
Community Access Bike Share Kitchener A\J
Community Access Bikeshare launches despite bike share controversies around the world.
A look at the first ride and free yoga class. Come along on Wednesday evenings at 7pm!
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