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City cycling how-to guide, gear up with A\J.
Participants in the Kitchener Bike2Work Challenge share some lessons learned so far.
Calgary flood 2013. A\J Alternatives
Reflections on carnage and leadership from Calgary’s Great Flood of 2013.
solar leaf A\J
The world's first artificial leaf provides reliable solar energy production.
A ceramic bear feasting on mouldy jam cake. Klaus Pichler. A\J.
Get a sneak preview and the story behind the beautifully gross upcoming cover.
cycling commute A\J
For week four of bike month: getting started as a bicycle commuter and promoting cycling at the office.
A new report argues that Canada won’t make progress on climate change until we learn to cooperate – and shares lessons from the EU, Australia and Germany on how to do just that.
cows free-range veganism A\J
You read the argument for meat-eating in part one, so here's why you might consider going vegan.
Urban Ecologies conference logo. OCAD. Alternatives Journal. A\J
The Urban Ecologies conference calls for balancing human and environmental needs in our expanding cities.
Smoke rising from an oil refinery. Alternatives Journal. A\J.
If we want to slow the tar sands, we need to demand a price on carbon.
ParkBus unloading at Cyprus Lake Campground. Alternatives Journal. A\J.
A\J tests out ParkBus, the bus that takes you camping!
bicycle safety bike month A\J
For week three of bike month: bicycle etiquette for both cyclists and motorists.
Renewable Energy nuclear fusion A\J
Isaac Newton risked his sight for science; what will we risk for renewable energy?
grass briefcase corporate sustainability A\J
Green rankings and public scrutiny are two of the many ways that consumers can help companies move toward sustainability.
Gear up with A\J: A city cycling how-to. Alternatives Journal.
Get a first-hand account of bicycle commuting: follow along with 16 participants in the Bike2Work Challenge.
bike month graphic A\J
For week two of bike month: Be an MVP while cycling with these tips from CAN-Bike.
Tanks but No Tanks shirt. No tankers on BC coast campaign. Alternatives Journal
The BC government kept its word and has rejected the pipeline project for not meeting environmental requirements.
beef meat impact
During a recent restaurant trip, Dana Decent pondered the environmental impact of her meal.
Windfall Ecology Centre Electric Car A\J
The Windfall Centre in Newmarket is hosting a weekend of eco-fun on June 8th & 9th.
bike month graphic A\J
For week one of Bike Month: DIY bike maintenance at home or your local community bike resource centre!
nuclear hot spots map great lakes A\J
Great Lakes nuclear facilities data updated for the first time in 16 years.
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