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ClimateActionWR community forum on a local climate action plan.
ClimateActionWR here in Waterloo Region offers a useful model for mitigating climate change on a regional level.
Awarding up to $20,000, program will take First Nations traditional knowledge into account.
Students are making spaces at universities to practice what they preach in terms of food and environmentalism.
London Stadium - Alternatives Journal A\J Sustainability Athletics
The London Olympics promised to be the most sustainable Olympics ever. What's the final score?
April is Earth Month, the perfect time to up the eco-ante! Here's what A\J is up to – and what you can do.
Bubbles in ice - Alternatives Journal A\J Renewable Energy
Could new developments with methane hydrates in Japan threaten renewables – and any chance of mitigating global warming?
Eat, drink and be sustainable at the Green Living Show in Toronto, April 12th to 14th.
A\J's editor offers up favourite quotes from TEDxWaterloo presenters.
New evidence suggests negative health effects from wind turbines are caused by anti-wind campaigns themselves.
Why protecting the world’s forests is essential to our future.
Students at uWaterloo have spent the last few years researching and building a functional aquaponics system to explore sustainable food production.
Continuing our series on toxic chemicals in everyday products, Jessica Burman fills us in on "fragrance."
First Nations chiefs assembled in Ottawa to step up opposition to Alberta tar sands pipelines through their land.
Our favourite lessons and ideas from the Golden Horseshoe Sustainable Neighbourhoods Summit.
Can the known risks of climate change ever outweigh the unknown risks of geo-engineering? Scientists are starting to say, well, maybe.
Ending poaching and ivory trafficking: takeaways from the CITES conference in Bangkok.
The edible benefits of the world’s largest greenbelt.
Robert Paehlke lays out how we might at least put some lipstick on Canada-the-climate-change-dinosaur.
A second chance for the Great Lakes Protection Act and a second round of funding for the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund.
Julia Hawthornthwaite examines the nature of threats to the UK's greenbelts.