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In the first of a series on troublesome chemicals in everyday products, Jessica Burman gives the low-down on parabens.
A glimpse of what Canada's energy landscape might look like in 2035.
Advice from The Soap Dispensary on reducing the presence of plastic in your home.
Julie Bélanger interviews Chris Magwood about the Endeavour Centre's project to build the country's most sustainable house.
Post-secondary students across the country are looking at their schools' investment choices and asking for change. Megan Nourse reports on the Fossil Free Canada campaign.
Celebrate Freedom to Read Week by supporting A\J and reading the important environmental stories we've covered over the last few months.
Get some perspective from Brandon Laforest, a PhD student working with polar bears of Southern Hudson Bay.
Get ready for our Greenbelts issue with this primer on greenbelt history!
We can remain hopeful about the future of solar power, provided we deal with its worrisome side effects.
Green Living Online provides resources for empowering young people to save the planet.
John Robinson presents a model for sustainable action that emphasizes increasing benefits rather than reducing harm.
The new GreenHouse residential opportunity and innovation hub is introduced at the University of Waterloo.
A new study confirms that elephant populations are being decimated to the point that the survival of the species in Central Africa is now in question.
Get a first look at our next issue – plus headlines that didn't make the cut.
Exploring the downside of energy independence and opting out of the grid.
The risks associated with endocrine disruptors – found in everything from from rubber ducks to makeup to canned foods – and how to avoid them.
An examination of the narrowing scope of today’s renewable energy strategies.
This month’s adventures at the A\J office: sweaters, cake, avian courtship valentines, and a new issue on the way!
Talking to the organizers of Toronto’s YIMBY Festival, which promotes communication between politicians community groups from across the city.
An interview with Ken Hartwick, CEO of Just Energy, about helping the Air Canada Centre to go green.
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