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A\J's editor on the backlash to Andrew Nikiforuk's recent column about wind energy's limitations.
Lessons from Day Two of the youth climate justice conference Power Shift 2012
The youth climate justice conference Power Shift 2012 kicks off with energizing speakers at the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, QC.
A\J web editor Emily shares how to make your own toothpaste!
The A\J team travelled to Ottawa to deliver our "In Defence of Science" issue to Members of Parliament - and heard from politicians and scientists alike about the need for all of us to make some noise and demand evidence-backed policies.
Simply put, tree planting is hard work, but I would go back in an instant.
Millennials' awareness of environmental issues doesn't translate into action.
10 provincial parks suffer from budget cuts at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.
This blog will feature posts by Alternatives Journal staffers focusing on sustainable lifestyle choices and profiles of A\J readers.
Currently, the Food & Culture blog features articles by Jo Anne Tacorda focused on food justice. If you're interested in adding your voice to this blog, please send a short proposal and writing sample to blogs @
This blog will feature content focusing on a wide array of environmental current events in Canada. From politics and public policy to energy, natural resources, and environmental science, Andrew Reeves and Dan Beare will foster awareness of important environmental events across the country.
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