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Dr. Vandana Shiva at Planet in Focus
The 16th Annual Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival continues to successfully achieve its goal to “enlighten, engage, and entertain — through film”
Justin Trudeau
Will the Prime Minister-designate, live up to the significant promises he’s made on First Nations’ issues?
Justin Trudeau
The damage to Canada's environmental action and policies won't be reversed without some demanding from citizens
Canadian activist Tzeporah Berman reflects on activists’ tendencies towards negativity and why that needs to change
Understanding the lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet and other uncommon meatless lifestyles
Elizabeth May
Days after the federal election, three petitions have emerged requesting that Elizabeth May be appointed as Environment Minister.
Planet In Focus
Media and Environmentalism go hand-in-hand in the annual festival’s 16th year
Federal Election
We've compiled the last-minute resources you need to read before you cast your ballot for the 42nd Federal Election.
Parliament Hill
The team behind Shit Harper Did just released their documentary years in the making
Catch up on this week's biggest election-environment news
The International Crane Foundation has been saving cranes since 1973
Federal Election
A young Canadian's experience voting in the upcoming federal election
Volkswagen Scandal
What the Volkswagen Scandal can teach us about Canada’s transportation culture
Analyzing youth voter engagement and the current role of political parties in youth outreach
A railroad crossing in Rouge Park
Supporters of the Rouge National Urban Park are banking on a change of government October 19 to get needed ecological protection
Federal Election
Catch up on this week's biggest election-environment news
United Against Enbridge
West Coast Environmental Law reports from #UnitedAgainstEnbridge in the courtroom and on the streets
West Coast Environmental Law reports from #UnitedAgainstEnbridge in the courtroom and on the streets
Vancouver Island, Canada #40872119
The Call to Action for federal leadership on freshwater aims to make water a top priority for the next federal government
Meditation at Hillside
Meditation is going mainstream — we share the health benefits and what studies are showing
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  • Call for submissions deadline is January 13th to the May 2017 International In-Situ Thermal Treatment symposium. 12 weeks 5 hours ago
  • Interview with Michael Engelhard, author of 'Ice Bear: The Cultural History of an Arctic Icon' 12 weeks 5 hours ago