Green Communities 22.2

Published: April 1996

Editorial: Greening Our Communities - Mark Roseland

Greening the City: The Ecological and Human Dimensions of the City Can Be Part of Town Planning - Peter Newman

Making our cities more liveable entails making them both greener and more convivial, an opportunity to revitalize a rich tradition from the pre - modern era.
Inset: Intensification of the People or by the People? by Edmund P. Fowler

Healthy, Sustainable Communities: Concept, Fledgling Practice and Implications for Governance - Trevor Hancock

The well - being of the planet in the coming century will be decided to a significant degree by cities and their citizens.
Inset: Three Canadian Efforts to Link "Healthy" and "Sustainable" by Trevor Hancock
Inset: Two Proposals for Canadian Sustainable Communities by Robert Gibson

Ecology and Community Design: Lessons from Northern European Ecological Communities - Todd Saunders

Ten recommendations for community designers and others wishing to translate ecological community theory into practice.

Building a Better World, One Neighbourhood at a Time - Russell Mawby

Street Theatre and Certificate Programmes: Foundation Takes Innovative Approach to Urban Issues - Judy Oberlander

Successful Green Initiatives at Risk in Ontario - Stephen Bocking

Bike Choir Recycles Music for Transport Revolution - Michael Torreiter

Katrina Shields, In the Tiger's Mouth: An Empowerment Guide for Social Action 
Daryl Novak, ed., Working Group Guide 
Louise Ward-Whate and Joanne Mills, Discovering Your Community: A Cooperative Process for Planning Sustainability 
Joseph Bruchac and Michael Caduto, Keepers of Life 
Ontario Round Table on Environment and Economy, Sustainable Communities Resource Package

Green Communities Alternatives Journal 22.2
Toronto, Ontario
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