New Energy (Issue 36.1)

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Podcast for: New Energy 36.1

Introduction 00 - 03m01s (dur: 3m01s)

Editorial Overview: 02m54s - 08m12s (dur: 05m17s)

"Mending Our Fuelish Ways" A Radio Play in Five Acts: 08m21s - 20m02s (dur: 11m41s)

A Word From Our (we wish) Sponsor, Frog Pond Farm Winery: 20m11 - 24m41s (dur: 05m03s)

Mark Winfield on Why Renewables Now (and not Nuclear): 24m50s - 59m07s (dur: 34m30s)

Stephen Hill on getting the Public onside of your renewable energy project: 59m20s -- 1h14m29s (dur: 15m26s)

Robert Gibson "What's the Big Idea -- Balance": 1h14m13s - 1h19m52s (dur: 05m28s)

  • From Environmental (Soul) Print: "Islamic Cosmology = we are not the centre of the Universe” Read more... 1 year 1 week ago
  • Call for submissions deadline is January 13th to the May 2017 International In-Situ Thermal Treatment symposium. 1 year 1 week ago
  • Interview with Michael Engelhard, author of 'Ice Bear: The Cultural History of an Arctic Icon' 1 year 1 week ago