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A\J Update Archives


May 30 Free "Share" cookbooks with subscription back by popular demand, top blog posts.
April 23 The Sharing issue release + recipes for DIY deodorant, toothpaste and spring cleaning!
April 11 A preview of the Sharing issue, and how to score a free "Share" cookbook.
March 7 Interactive online stories, free digital subscriptions and calls for proposals for A\J print and web content, and Night\Shift 2014.
February 3 A first look at the Resource Wars issue, plus Oil Sands Karaoke in Waterloo.


December  6 Heroes issue highlights and how you can be a hero by supporting independent environmental journalism + an exclusive holiday gift deal!
November 14 Exclusive previews from the Heroes issue: David Suzuki's environmental hero and PM Harper in handcuffs!
October 2 Our most popular recent articles, upcoming events + Night issue highlights
September 16 We mapped out Enbridge's own data about where and how Northern Gateway will leak. Plus, tell us what you love – or hate – about A\J in our reader survey, and hurry along to your first A\J Night School class!
September 4 Bats, solar flares & stars: a sneak peek at the Night issue + SAVE $10 on subscriptions 
From GMO to OMG: Dig into the politics of food, floods & fuel. (Plus: chocolate truffle pie!) 
A sneak peek at the Food & Drink issue, bike month, staff picks from Art & Media + why sharing matters.
May Environmental art, civil disobedience & calls for proposals: highlights from the Art & Media issue, and A\J office challenges
March Great Ideas from Atwood and McKibben: Greenbelts, the Go Fossil Free divestment campaign sweeping the continent and our freecycling demos at the Green Living Show.
February Sneak peek at our cat-covered Greenbelts issue + February fun at the A/J Office!
January Methane and feces and bears, oh my! + Calls for Proposals


December New issue sneak peek + save on gift subscriptions!
November Meet the new A\J: check out our new look and website! - must-reads of the issue including our coverage of the controversy surrounding Ontario's Experimental lakes area.
September In Defence of Science - A/J staff take a trip to Ottawa to participate in the on-going discussion about the role of science in protecting Canada's environment.
August New issue sneak peak, we think its the most important that we've ever produced! - A look into the upcoming In Denfense of Science issue and a podcast on ecotourism.
July Ecotourism + Calls for Proposals - A/J takes a look into the industry of ecotourism and the issues it raises. We also feature an article about Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway pipeine and how it may impact ecotourism in the area.
June Art & Media - A look at our Art & Media issue and a preview of Jeff Gailus' articleThe Myths that Make Us, which appears in the issue.
May A/J Update - Read about Robert Bateman's efforts to get youth outside and appreciating nature!
April Green Building + preview of our upcoming Art & Media issue
March Green Building + Call for Proposals - take a look at the University of Waterloo's newest Environment Faculty building, a contendor for LEED platinum status!
February Green Buildings, The Beetle's Wake, Atwoodville - Check out our Inside Forestry Podcast and read about Margaret Atwoood's use of an internet game to describe our disintegrating relationship with nature.
January Happy New Year! + Read Jeff Gailus' hard-hitting take on the shape of Canada's national parks.