Out of the Box 41.5

Published: December 2015


A\J's third out of the box issue pushes us out of our comfort zone and challenges us to think about the environment from different aspects. In this issue you’ll understand species extinction through prints, paintings, sculptures, photographs, video, textiles, multimedia installations and soundscapes. Adam Lewis tackles an important and uncomfortable topic of our colonial past in “Living on Stolen Land.” Readers will also learn about the history of A\J and environmentalism as well as getting tips on how to find love and companionship in the of climate change. 

Some of the highlights: 

  • Extinction Art - Artists are confronting us with the world as it is, was and could be.
  • Living on Stolen Land - Taking Indigenous territory for resource development continues to be at the core of environmental destruction.
  • Love in the Time of Climate Change - How to meet and keep companions in an uncaring world.
  • A Natural History of Airports - Air travel's carbon emissions are high profile, but the local ecological impacts often fly under the radar.
  • That 70s A\J - How a small journal laid the foundation for today's renewable energy movement. 

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Paul M. Barrett explores the lawsuit between Chevron and Indigenous people and migrant farmers, on the grounds of contamination of the Amazon.
Lester Brown explores the enormous strides and advancements of renewable energy around the world.
Alex Epstein challenges us to question what we view to be immoral and moral when it comes to fossil fuels.

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