Alexander Goddard

Alex has a background in Environmental Science holding an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies, and a Masters of Environment and Sustainability (MES) from Western University. Alex was born and raised in Barbados, a small island in the Caribbean, and has spent the past seven years attending school in Canada, while returning to Barbados for the summer and Christmas periods. Alex is passionate about the environment as he has been able to witness firsthand the effects of climate change on marine and tropical environments, and hopes to spread awareness about these issues.

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Have we learned nothing? Have we learned nothing?Just a few short months later and China is already back to pre-Covid air pollution levels. That didn’t take long! According to the...
The WTF! Alternatives Journal

This is the Week This Friday! 5 quick-and-smart briefs about happenings in the environmental space!When life gives you lemons, build a pipeline – Alberta Minister of Energy“Now is a great...

For the first time in approximately 7, maybe 8 weeks, I finally left my house this past weekend. For the first time in approximately 7, maybe 8 weeks, I finally...

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