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AJ 2015: Our Year in Review

A\J RECAP 2015 We have had a VERY busy year in 2015, preparing the groundwork to layout a roadmap to the future, raising awareness of the connectedness of HEALTH and ENVIRONMENT, wading into the 2015 Election fray and delivering exclusive, on-the-ground commentary and coverage of the COP21 climate summit in Paris. […]


Last Chance

The final hours of climate change negotiations in Paris are looming. Having wrapped up Thursday night’s session at 6 am Friday morning, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has conceded that the final text will not be released Friday evening has he hoped, but rather Saturday morning. This means another late night […]

Canadian Youth

Everything is at Stake for Canada’s Youth

For a self-dubbed Minister of Youth, Justin Trudeau has yet to really impress the Canadian Youth Delegation (CYD) at UN climate negotiations in Paris. 17 young Canadians are in Paris trying to have their voices heard by the government and negotiators. In the first week of the conference, the CYD […]

Exxon vs. the People

ExxonMobil on Trial

There was nothing “mock” about it. Canadian journalist Naomi Klein and American founder of Bill McKibben served as co-council in the trial of ExxonMobil. One of the biggest oil companies is the world was put on trial in Paris for crimes of deception. Investigations earlier this year revealed that […]


A Love Letter from the Earth

Inside Petit Palais in Paris, activists, artists, politicians, science and tech companies gathered to send a love letter from Earth to Paris. In the months before the start of COP21, Max Schorr, co-founder of GOOD, started bringing organizations, which would end up at 111, together to create a coalition to ensure […]


Adhering to the Laws of Nature

It is easier to adjust human created rules than it is to override the laws of nature. Canadian journalist and activist Naomi Klein borrowed a set of that piece of Julius Caesar wisdom when developing the Leap Manifesto, which launched last September. Caesar meant it in the context of adding […]


Why We March

Ahead of this week’s start of United Nations climate change negotiations, people around the world marched demanding governments to reach a science-based agreement that will keep global warming under 2 degrees, while providing the needed resources to move to a fossil free world. In Canada, thousands marched with the biggest […]

Mark Terry at COP21

Connecting Climate Research

Climate change negotiations are complicated, Mark Terry and the Youth Climate Report (YCR) team is helping everyone see through the policy language and understand the issue at hand. Using a new Google application called Fusion, Terry has created an interactive map with links to video interviews with climate scientists from […]