Born in Rejkavijk, Iceland and raised in Vancouver, Sturla Gunnarsson is both a citizen of the world and a national treasure. He has received numerous awards for his films and television work, including an Emmy, a Genie, a few Geminis, and an Academy Award nomination. No stranger to telling environmental […]

winter biking basics A\J

Winter Biking Basics

By Anil Kanji Winter cycling is no longer the domain of daring bicycle couriers or mountain biking aficionados. With rising gas prices, environmental footprint concerns, and improved infrastructure for city riding, commuting by bicycle year-round is a growing trend. “We’re seeing more and more people out there,” says Yvonne Bambrick, spokesperson […]

Baby birds on a branch. Alternatives Journal – A\J

Surviving Spring

The warmer weather is coaxing humans and wildlife alike out of their dwellings and thus, human-wildlife interactions are on their annual upswing. These may include magical moments like listening to a frog chorus, admiring a bush bustling with songbirds, or glimpsing a fawn wobbling along; however, not all human-wildlife interactions […]