Airplane over Field Pickering A\J

Farmland Should Trump Plans for Pickering Airport

Residents opposing the Pickering airport have come to expect the unexpected. In their 40-plus years of struggle against a development many feel prioritizes business interests over prime agricultural farmland, the story has unfolded in fits and starts. Long periods of inactivity on the part of the federal government are punctuated […]

Otesha Nation to Nation Tour. Wampum belts.

Superheros and Sacred Relationships on the Otesha Nation to Nation Tour

A\J is partnering with the Otesha Project to cover two of their 2013 tours: Nation to Nation and Pedal to Plate. This post is from Nation to Nation tour member Arestia Dehmassi – watch the video above for an overview of the tour. Check out A\J’s photo essay from the Pedal to […]

Smoke rising from an oil refinery. Alternatives Journal. A\J.

Fighting Pipelines is not Enough

For the first time in three million years our planet has approached 400 parts per million(ppm) of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. CO2, as many people know, is the most important greenhouse gas (GHG) emission particle contributing to the dangerous environmental crisis we know as climate change. For reference, […]


Zine Scene

What on earth is a zine? A short-form magazine in both title and format, a zine (pronounced “zeen”) is a small, self-published booklet, generally distributed via mail order, online, in zine libraries, and through independent booksellers and infoshops. They are often created in a do-it-yourself style, with handwritten text, cutting-and-pasting […]