Waking the Green Tiger film review A\J

Waking the Green Tiger

In the Southwestern province of Yunnan, the headwaters of China’s three major rivers glide side by side, carving deep, beautiful gorges through the country’s most culturally and biologically diverse regions. The Salween, Mekong and Yangtze rivers are also the subjects of dozens of proposed dams. The largest is the Tiger […]


Students Stick a Fork in Hunger

Food is cultural, social, economic, political and environmental – it connects us all. That is the message of Meal Exchange, ayouth-driven registered charity that empowers students across Canada to learn and raise awareness about local hunger. I have been involved in Meal Exchange since I went back to university in […]


In Defence of Science Panel

THE ALTERNATIVES TEAM travelled from Kitchener, Ontario, to Ottawa on Tuesday, September 25 to join the on-going discussion about the role of science in protecting Canada’s environment – and the well-being of all Canadians. We hosted a panel discussion, “In Defence of Science”, at the University of Ottawa, with the support of […]

Pink Greens

The first thing that I notice as I enter the 519 Community Centre on Church St. – unofficial headquarters of Toronto’s queer community – is the men. Tonight, on a frosty December evening, the recently formed group Ecoqueers is hosting its first major public event, a panel presentation called “Greening […]