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Delivering civic environmental education from the heart of Kitchener!
How being outside and among trees improves children’s mental health
Wonders of the Sea 3D team exploring coral reefs.
An oceanographic explorer is using new technology to dive deeper and shed light on threats that put the world’s oceans at risk.
Jill Pelto’s Landscape of Change uses data about sea level rise, glacier volume
Climate action is profoundly urgent precisely because sufficient change is inevitably slow
Elder Manitok Thompson and Nunavut Sivuniksavut college students, who study, Inu
How culturally relevant education can empower Inuit youth
Eastern Prairie White Fringed Orchid (Platanthera leucophaea).   Photo by / Josh
Op Ed explains why we citizens need to protect Ontario's nature – and how we can take action now (March 4 deadline -- make your voice heard).
Sylvia Grinnell Park outside of Iqaluit, NU
How policy reflecting Inuit values can help address over-incarceration in Nunavut.
Events organized in solidarity with activist Greta Thunberg are popping up all o
How Canadians are showing solidarity with a Swedish activist who cuts class for climate.
Jane Glassco Northern Fellows, left to right: Melaina Sheldon, Thomsen D’Hont, M
Three policy recommendations can better serve the diverse needs of Indigenous communities.
The flags of Canada, Nunavut and Cambridge Bay / photo by / Don Halffield
New report calls for more youth and elder representation on territory boards
Nga zhichige Nibi onji – We do it for the water.
Yellowknife Dump / credit: Dawn Tremblay
How Yellowknife, NWT, manages electronics, tires and organic waste
Melaina Sheldon speaks at the Glassco Fellowship meeting in 2017/Pat Kane
“There is a need to prevent Indigenous youth from entering the correctional system from the starting point.”
Old White Mountain, Yukon/Photo by Jeff Few
Many northern First Nations are left unaware of the field research being conducted on their traditional territory. How to bring local Indigenous leaders into the permitting process?
Thomsen D'Hont addresses a Glassco Fellowship meeting in Yellowknife/Pat Kane
What will it take to get more Indigenous doctors practicing medicine in the North? Thomsen D'Hont, a Metis medical student from Yellowknife, has a few ideas.
The 2015-2017 Jane Glassco Northern Fellows. Deline, NWT/Photo by Pat Kane
Using smart public policy to build up the North.
Segura (third from left) at the Canadian Ice Core Archive in Edmonton, AB.
French ocean ambassador Serge Segura on why humanity needs a more 'collaborative vision' of the oceans.
"If we pollute our water," asks ECO Dianne Saxe, "what are we going to drink?"
UniverCity atop Burnaby Mountain
There's an urban revolution happening atop Burnaby Mountain showing sustainability and profitability do mix.
Cracked earth/Photo by Victor Benard on Unsplash
What comes to mind when you think about the impacts of climate change? Forest fires? Floods? How about your finances?