Current Events

Awarding up to $20,000, program will take First Nations traditional knowledge into account.
First Nations chiefs assembled in Ottawa to step up opposition to Alberta tar sands pipelines through their land.
Can the known risks of climate change ever outweigh the unknown risks of geo-engineering? Scientists are starting to say, well, maybe.
A second chance for the Great Lakes Protection Act and a second round of funding for the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund.
Julia Hawthornthwaite examines the nature of threats to the UK's greenbelts.
A glimpse of what Canada's energy landscape might look like in 2035.
Talking to the organizers of Toronto’s YIMBY Festival, which promotes communication between politicians community groups from across the city.
The park's public education efforts and use of the innovative Molok containers more than doubled waste diversion.
Assessing UK’s new home retrofit loan program.
Global nuclear energy trends and the threat of climate change mean we won’t be saying goodbye to nuclear any time soon.
The "State of Ontario's Forests" report stresses the need to understand the impacts of climate change on Crown forests – and their role in mitigating it.
Calling for action and public dialogue about the Line 9 Pipeline reversal and tar sands expansion.
Shoreline of the Shell Albian Oil Sands tailings pond, near Fort McKay. © Ian Wi
Dan Beare asks Bernard Fleet how we can expedite Canada’s (inevitable) transition to a low-carbon economy.
Andrew Reeves reports on new changes to Ontario's Greenbelt legislation including the Urban River Valley designation and the first expansion of the Greenbelt since its formation in 2005.
Exploring successful LCA applications—from beer bottles to those new polymer banknotes.
100+ former Rangers gather to fight the cancellation of the Ranger Program, citing its benefits to both youth and northern communities.
Deciphering the MINDSPACE report, which connects behavioural economics to public policy making—and tests out one of its recommendations.
The mini-documentary Living Democracy from the Ground Up uses the struggle to protect BC's Fish Lake from the New Prosperity mine to demonstrate the real impacts of environmental laws.
The disappointing conclusion of the climate negotiations in Doha and the promise of the global climate justice movement.
A look at the need for lifecycle analysis policy in Canada – and provides a holiday-themed example.
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