Green Living

Remodelling a small bathroom to save energy and resources.
How to lower your water and electricity use – and the costs that come with them – when remodelling your bathroom.
winter biking basics A\J
We clear up the misconceptions about this great winter activity and offer some tips to help you stay riding all year long.
Food label awareness. Photo © Art Allianz \
What do food buzzwords like "organic" and "free-range" really mean?
cacao honey quinoa healthy food swaps A\J
Make these surprising switches the next time you shop.
candles toxins A\J
Prepare for the next power outage or candlelit dinner with these tips on avoiding virulent votives.
winery eco-friendly travel voluntour A\J
5 (planet-friendly) ways to see the world
save energy A\J
Protect the environment and your wallet with these tips from the Eco-City Community Challenge.
spider web natural insect control A\J
Natural repellents to beat mosquitoes, spiders, ants and wasps
pharmaceuticals in water A\J
A call to Canadians to return unused and unwanted pharmaceuticals.
Slowing climate change starts with you!
Why protecting the world’s forests is essential to our future.
Sustainable style you'll love, from Green Living Online.
Green Living Online provides resources for empowering young people to save the planet.
Green Living Online examines the impact of a meatless (and less meat) diet.
Photo: © Monkey Business \
Keep warm this winter and significantly trim your energy bills with these tips from Green Living Online.
Green Living Online offers up 10 easy ways for Canadians to waste less food and save money on their grocery bills.