The Green Student

YRE from Environmental Defence.
Thanks to Environmental Defence, youth from across the country investigated solutions to plastic pollution in their communities, and shared their findings through video, photography, and writing.
We've relaunched and revitalized the Green Student — find out what’s ahead and learn how you can be part of the Green Student's growing community of student writers.
(Photo: a rack of fur coats)
Whether you go natural or synthetic is an environmental issue, not just a moral one.
natural medicine A/J
Easy, affordable and natural ways to help your hair, skin, stomach and sleep!
Graduating student holds the planet in her hands.
An education in sustainability allows graduates to adopt a unique and valuable way of thinking.
peppers farmers market A\J
The story of a new early bird learning to catch the worm, plus tips for other market rookies!
cows free-range veganism A\J
You read the argument for meat-eating in part one, so here's why you might consider going vegan.
beef meat impact
During a recent restaurant trip, Dana Decent pondered the environmental impact of her meal.
compost A\J
The Green Student explores campus composting programs at Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Waterloo and University of Guelph.
tree touch A\J
Study suggests urban tree loss leads to increased mortality.
students at international development conference A\J Alternatives Journal
A uWaterloo student-run conference explores public-private partnerships in international development.
Students are making spaces at universities to practice what they preach in terms of food and environmentalism.
Students at uWaterloo have spent the last few years researching and building a functional aquaponics system to explore sustainable food production.
Post-secondary students across the country are looking at their schools' investment choices and asking for change. Megan Nourse reports on the Fossil Free Canada campaign.
The new GreenHouse residential opportunity and innovation hub is introduced at the University of Waterloo.
Julia Dupuis recounts her quest for local food in Fredericton, NB.
Nicole Dufraine shares her experience of the inspiring SociaLIGHT Conference.
Simply put, tree planting is hard work, but I would go back in an instant.
Millennials' awareness of environmental issues doesn't translate into action.