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Today, media organizations must be able to share ideas, stories and inspiration in whatever format the users prefer. And with the power of video to convey emotional messages directly to the viewer, video story-telling is becoming a stronger tool for environmentalists as we engage with more and more Canadians

UPDATED (9/12/2016): Watch Laura's newest video, ECOTHEOLOGY

UPDATED (8/30/2016): Watch Laura's newest video, FOSSIL FUEL


For a 40+ year-old media organization, we're working very hard to evolve our content platforms to address our users/readers preferences and habits. That said, there is a HUGE difference between the skills used to tell stories primarily via words and the skills necessary in conveying a story primarily via visuals and imagery. We at Alternatives Journal (A\J) are pretty comfortable with the traditional skills of communication, from story ideation through to page layout, printing and distribution. But with the explosion of smartphone-enable video story-telling, we knew that we'd need to kick it up a notch.

Thankfully, we were fortunate to meet Laura Moncada through Kitchener's The Working Centre. A recent college graduate in videography, Laura was seeking her first real-world opportunity to put some of the theories and her in-class experience to work. And given the wealth of stories to be told in 2016 related to environmental issues, we were excited to work with Laura in ths vital new area of public engagement.

One of Laura's first projects was......a cat video! We figure cat videos probably make up at least half of all social media shared content - and we felt we needed to get in the game. Mind you, this is not just any cat video but a cute intro to our OUT OF THE BOX III issue from earlier in the year starring the one-and-only Binx the Cat (office cat par excellence).



Of course, that was just a warm-up for more important work, including a special video message from luminaries in the Waterloo Region about how they sustain their faith in these times of climate change. We were so very pleased when Laura was able to secure participation from Mayors Berry Vrbanovic and Dave Jaworsky along with councillors and other civic stakeholders - and we're even more pleased with the finished product:



And here's another video Laura created as a promotional piece for our upcoming 45th anniversary. 



As you can see, Laura's skills continue to grow and thrive and we're very pleased to advise that we'll be sharing a series of new videos with you over the coming weeks. Many of these videos are stories that had particular appeal to Laura as she continued her work with us; some of the videos were a challenge, seeking to push her outside of her comfort zone to enter the fray of public debate around climate issues, protection of natural spaces, and the like.

Today, it is mandatory to have the tools and talents to be able to convey the important messages embedded in each story to as wide an audience as possible. And with more Canadians relying on video story-telling as their first (and in some cases, only) media choice, Alternatives Journal will continue to work with bright young people like Laura to share ideas and inspiration.

We'll be sharing Laura's latest videos throughout the summer, and we'd encourage you to visit this page often for more content that matters!



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