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Second Revolution Communications

For nearly 45 years, A\J has helped take complex environmental issues and turn them into something understandable to the layperson. While it began life as an academic transfer journal in what was then the new post-secondary study and research area of environmental sciences, filling a need for an independent, peer-reviewed journalistic research and ideas, it has expanded the scope of its work to include Canadians working on environmental matters at nonprofits and charities, think tanks and governmental bodies.

Today the environmental community in Canada stands at a crossroads. We have never had more post-secondary environmental students (150,000+) or more environmental faculties, programs and courses. Nor have we had more environmental professionals (500,000+) actively working towards positive change -- and a full suite of corporate sustainability professionals seeking insight, support and guidance as they make the business case to the C-suite for more investments in things that matter to our community. There have never before more eNGOs and environmental nonprofits (1100+) leading the charge on initiatives as varied -- and as important -- as you can imagine. And finally, never before have we had such demonstrable and irrefutable proof of the dangers of climate change to our planet’s health and our species’ survivability -- and we have never had such a co-mingling of groundswell public interest agitating for better solutions combined with big-name environmental advocacy maximizing the urgency of our collective mission (Pope Francis, Obama’s new ‘Climate Promise’, etc.).

It was this reality that influenced a recent strategic Board review of A\J’s operations, focus and mission. The leadership group needed to determine the best steps to take to ensure that A\J’s vital and important media voice can survive and thrive to meet the growing need for informed and intelligent environmental journalism (and the resulting communications capacity) to help guide us through this time of unprecedented change. To sustain A\J’s voice now and for the next 45 years, the Board decided that enhanced business development capacity was required to power our mandate and deliver upon our goals of continuing the transformation from print-only publisher to an all-platforms environmental media nonprofit that serves our endemic stakeholders.

Now, as A\J stands on the cusp of its 45th anniversary year, a decision has been made to engage the services of a talented communications team that is dedicated to powering the purpose of organizations like A\J, a purpose that in our case includes a need to expand capacity for story-telling across all media platforms and to become a more important national media voice within and on behalf of Canada’s environmental community.

Second Revolutions Communications (SRC) is deeply steeped in the operating realities of the nonprofit sector, having worked in senior marketing communications capacities for various NGOs and NFPs throughout their careers. It is a top-tier, full-service communications agency populated with staff that are truly dedicated to powering the purpose of organizations, charities and businesses who are actively working to foster a healthier and more just society for all Canadians. Beginning August 15, 2015, SRC has assumed all responsibility for revenue generation through corporate, academic and foundation engagement; partnerships and promotion; and communication and branding for Alternatives Journal.

“Our editorial pedigree is unparalleled in the Canadian environmental community and the need for the type of content we produce has never been more acute,” states Marcia Ruby, A\J’s Publisher. “However, like most nonprofits and charities we constantly struggle to find the revenue to make required investments in development, technology and programming. And, like many of our peers in the media space, we’re naturally much better at editorial development, story-telling, communications capacity-building and collaborative community-building than we are at revenue generation, partnerships, publicity and promotions. Second Revolution Communications understands our challenges and has great ideas to turn them into opportunities that support our short-term initiatives while dove-tailing with our long-term strategy.”

“Alternatives Inc. is an ideal client for our organization,” states Keith Treffry, Director of Strategy for Second Revolution Communications. “The opportunity to work with such a respected and important media entity as A\J, as it seeks to expand its revenue streams, enhance its digital imprint and expand its impacts in Canada’s environmental community, is an exciting responsibility we look forward to taking on. We are confident that if the proper foundation for the expansion of its mandate is put in place now that the next phase of Alternatives Inc.’s work will be more meaningful and certainly more impactful.” 

The team at Second Revolution Communications will begin reaching out to A/J partners and future partners in the near future to discuss engagement opportunities with A\J’s growing audience base. They will also be unveiling the 2016 Editorial Calendar, all the inside scoops on A\J’s 45th Anniversary plans, and some very exciting news on the digital front that will further enhance A\J’s core value to our community as a communications hub.

If you have any questions or would simply like to get the conversation started, please contact David McConnachie, Director of Client Services, Second Revolution Communications, at and/or 416-830-2125. 

Read the full press release here. 

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