Nudie in da house

Nudie – | Photo by Anna Karpinski

Canada’s heartbreak troubadour of twang.

(Well not all twang, but Nudie intelligently honours the roots of country with his own wit, wisdom and brilliant stories.) Nudie periodically plays "house concerts" at A\J's office. The next one is Friday May 10, 2019!

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HE CALLS HIMSELF NUDIE (a nod to Nashville rhinestone cowboy tailor Nudie Cohn) and he hangs his guitar in Charlottetown, PEI. We’re very pleased to present Nudie in a lovely intimate house concert format at the office of A\J.

His brand new album Everything’s Different in the Night is an absolute gem. Nudie’s music transports your soul. You’ll almost think you’ve travelled into the deep past with Nudie’s timeless takes on love lost. And then he’ll jet you into a modern dilemma of the displaced Maritimer with a touching melody about coming home to the Island.

Attending live music by independent artists is one of the sweetest acts community action and environmental spirit. At A\J we have periodically brought music to our community (as much as we can muster – it's a fun extra to our day-to-day). This upcoming instance simply happened organically. I saw Nudie in Charlottetown back in 2005, playing on the Harbourfront grounds with a buddy. He was great. I hadn’t seen him again until just a couple of months ago at a local house concert. House concerts are great. They perform triple duty: they support an artist’s ability to make a living, they make music available at a lovely intimate grassroots level, and they connect people – house concerts are a social engine that builds community.

In the tradition of house concert format, all proceeds go to the artist. You can expect to be thoroughly entertained, and enjoy meeting a range of folks from our local community (and some visiting Maritimers), all who share a love of the live music experience.



   Latest Album!


Praise for Nudie:

“One of the best of the new crop of country purists. A gem that blends all the classic sounds of real country music, but never feels old and out of fashion.” – CBC’s Bob Mersereau

“A relaxed vocal style that grabs your attention with understated confidence... Nudie writes in the many shades of anguish that anticipate and result from broken hearts” – No Depression

“Nudie understands the core of country music and performs it to an impressive level. Everything’s Different in the Night is a stellar recording.” – Donald Teplyske, The Lonesome Road Review


Nudie Music Videos:

Here's a little intro documentary:
Everything's Different in the Night

Nudie does a great cover of Al Tuck’s “

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$20. All proceeds go to the artist.
Tickets include: Light snacks at intermission and bring your own beverage. 

Friday May 10, 2019 | doors 7pm | show 8pm
Alternatives Journal (A\J) Production office: Unit 204a – 283 Duke Street West, Kitchener [in the BOEHMER BOX FACTORY]

Tickets available online

At this moment in time, all roads are open and accessible to the Old Boehmer Box Factory (on Duke and Breithaupt). Any changes will be updated here. The parking entrances for the building are off of Breithaupt – and you can park on Breithaupt Street itself. [ #LRTisStillInProgress #PublicTransitRocksToo ]

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ALTERNATIVES ROCKS  Bringing music to community and bringing community to music. ​

 Alternatives Journal


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The Old Boehmer Box Factory / 283 Duke Street Redevelopment 

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