Each week, A\J staffers will be sharing our favourite facts & findings from whatever books, articles, documentaries, podcasts and other media we've been consuming. Here’s what we’ve learned this week.

Things from the Internet!

There are 2,621,514 goats in the United States and someone made a map of where they all live.
Source: Jezebel \ Found by Laura

People are losing the ability to hear the sounds of nature because of “Learned Deafness” – their attempt to screen out noise pollution.
Source: The Guardian \ Found by nik

Clouds weigh 1.1 million pounds.
Source: Mental Floss \ Found by Samantha

Things from Books!

The milk in your coffee or tea can account for ⅔ of the total footprint of your caffeine fix. That figure applies when you’re not boiling any extra water, which itself can add 20g CO2 equivalent to your drink (approximately doubling the impact of a black coffee or tea). A large cappuccino or latte has a footprint about 5 times that of an average cup of coffee.
Source: How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything by Mike Berners-lee. @MikeBernersLee \ Found by Laura

Things from Emails!

Over the last decade, the area of organic farmland in the European Union increased by 500,000 hectares each year. Woohoo!
Source: Foodtank newsletter \ Found by Laura

Map of the Week

A new interactive USGS/ESRI ecosystem map of the globe shows Earth’s ecological makeup: minerals and biome for every spot on the world. (The goat map was a strong contender, though.)
Found by nik


Le Royaume from Sébastien Hary on Vimeo. \ Found by nik

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