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Physics of the world’s oldest broken bone pushes the date of land-dwelling animals’ appearance back by 2 million years.
Source: IFLscience.com \ Found by nik

Starting this summer, Duke Energy will build a facility near Epcot that will provide solar power to Walt Disney World. The power plant's 48,000 solar panels will be arranged in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head.
Source: Orlando Sentinel \ Found by Rachel

Politics is for the bees! The Bí Project is aiming to turn signs from the Irish same-sex marriage referendum campaigns into urban beehives in Dublin.
Source: The Irish Times \ Found by nik

Sydney has recently started paving roads with a more environmentally friendly asphalt mix containing recycled printer toner, marking the world’s first commercial use for toner waste.
Source: The Guardian \ Found by Rachel

One of the world’s largest solar plants has been opened in Pakistan with the aim of supplying clean, reliable energy and helping alleviate the country’s chronic power shortages.
Source: Responding to Climate Change \ Found by Rachel

A Dutch start-up called Nerdalize has developed a radiator that stores the heat generated by computer servers to create “data furnaces” that can warm homes and offices.
Source: BBC \ Found by Rachel

A California-based non-profit, GRID Alternatives, plans to give away 1,600 free solar panels to California’s poorest residents by 2016.
Source: Inhabitat.com \ Found by Rachel

In France, a new law was recently passed that mandates all new buildings in commercial zones must partially cover their roofs in either plants or solar panels.
Source: CSGlobe \ Found by Rachel

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