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Things from the Internet!

Researchers have developed a paper that can filter 99.9% of bacteria from water, making it safe to drink. It has been designed into book form, and each sheet of paper is capable of giving someone up to 30 days of clean water, with each book able to provide clean water for four years.
Source: pagedrinkingpaper.com \ Found by nik

Dutch scientists have successfully tested a smog-eating concrete that can cut certain kinds of air pollution by as much as 45%.
Source: True Activist \ Found by Rachel

What do plants know? Recent research has found that plants possess remarkable abilities of sensation, perception and awareness. They have short- and long-term memory forms, and can communicate and network with other organisms and species.
Source: HastenTheDownfall \ Found by nik

Researchers in Argentina have developed a way to capture the methane gas passed by cows, using backpacks that are strapped to their backs, and convert it into green energy.
Source: Interesting Engineering \ Found by Rachel

The Ocean Cleanup, founded by 20-year-old Boyan Slat, will deploy the world’s first system to passively remove plastic waste from oceans using a series of floating barriers that span over a mile long.
Source: Discovery News \ Found by Rachel

Things from Videos!

Sayonara by Eric Bates is a short story about two unlikely friends saying goodbye. A young man named Charles just lost his home to climate change. He spends one last day with his best friend, a sea turtle, before moving on.
Source: VIMEO \ Found by nik

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