A\J shared 12 joyful stories from our archives over the first 12 days of December.

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Day 12: Do As I Do, Not As I Sing

For Sarah Harmer, Jack Johnson and other green-hearted musicians, actions are proving louder than words.

By Tenille Bonoguore
From Rocking The Environment 37.4



Day 11: Change Agents

A network-building movement is making a no-brainer business case for cutting GHGs.

By Eric Rumble
From Sharing 40.2


Day 10: Beautiful Cities

Cultural renewal and a creative economy bring wealth to our cities.

By Glen Murray
From Creative Communities 32.4-5


Day Nine: The Genius of the Generalist

Why Environmental Studies is essential to the workforce we need now.

By Natasha Milijasevic
From Education 40.4


Day Eight: How to Take Action

Nine ways to take action on environmental issues, plus reading material from the archives to get you started on your path to hero-dom.

From In Defence Of Science 38.5


Day Seven: A Conversation with David Suzuki

Canada's most famous environmentalist reveals how we can avoid despair on Earth.

By David Richard Boyd
From Ecobooks 37.3


Day Six: 5 Key Lessons from the Keystone XL Pipeline Fight

What we've learned from the campaign against Keystone XL – and how to apply it to stopping Energy East.

By Cameron Fenton and Sarah Shor


Day Five: Comfort Food

How scientists, farmers and new Canadians are welcoming world crops to Ontario soil.

By Emily Van Halem
From Food & Drink 39.4


Day Four: Turismo Alternativo

Two Peruvian families find different ways to the same future by naturally incorporating ecotourism into their livelihood.

By Joe Pavelka
From Ecotourism 38.4


Day Three: A\J's Winter Holiday Survival Guide

A mid-week pick-me-up: let us help you through the December chaos.

Day Two: The Power List

10 ways activists have changed the world and how you can too.

Day One: Ours is Better than Yours

Consumers are escaping the stresses of ownership and rediscovering the value of communal stuff – and cars are driving the movement.

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