Dear Humans,

We need to talk. Well, we have been trying to talk to you for a while now but with your distractions and self-focus, you haven't heard us speaking.
We're the rest of the species on this planet - and we have a problem with your behaviour.
You know, when you ascended to the top, we held our collective breaths. We knew that, as an omnivore, you humans were liable to eat more than your fair share of us, the rest of the species of this planet. When you gobbled down the last of the Dodos, we were sad (for the Dodos) but understood that large, flightless birds probably weren't going to be able to evolve once you found them, so meaty and tasty.
But once you started harnessing the power of long-dead animals, burning your black goo to go places and 'power your progress', well, we knew you'd get up to no good. And, guess what? We were right.
In the last 150 years, you humans have managed to burn up HUGE quantities of fossil-fuel intensive energy sources. You've managed to change the climate that has allowed ALL species to grow and thrive over the past 10s of thousands of years. We're on the precipice of the next Great Extinction, and you humans are to blame.
Now, most species, realizing that their actions were causing such catastrophic consequences, would change our behaviours. You humans? Nope. Rising ocean waters won't affect YOU (personally)...although it may submerge the habitats of countless thousands of species. Extreme weather is changing growing seasons and causing life-threatening storms to 'pop up' out of nowhere....but, no, that's not YOUR problem to correct.
Yes, it's bad when one of us gets run over by your car or sucked into the engines of your jets. But when you burn up the planet to run errands - and do so without a thought as to the impacts of your thoughtless actions - well, we're at that stage where we, the rest of the species, can no longer afford your actions, your decisions and your willful neglect in your role as top-of-the-order species.
You humans are supposed to be smarter than that. Perhaps the rest of us were wrong in believing that trope. Perhaps your species USED TO BE smart but has regressed in recent years. Not sure, but either way, we, the rest of the species on this planet, put you OFFICIALLY on notice that we're keeping an eye on you.
We're already making plans for who gets to replace you. Right now, there's some birds, some apes and a few higher rodents who've thrown their hats in the ring. 
And those creepy spiders, poisonous snakes and itchy-bites mosquitoes that you hate so much? Consider them all our first warning to you humans. Clean up your act, clean up the planet.....cuz we know where you live (AND what you are afraid of).
The Rest of the Species on this Planet

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