The first week of climate negotiations has come and passed and the world is looking to Paris for a climate consensus. Although things are moving along, a lot will need to happen in the coming week for COP21 to be considered successful. 

COP21 Primers:

  • The Guardian breaks down the differences between a 2 to 4 degree change in average global surface temperature and the global impacts at each degree of warming. 
  • The NPR gives a list of the 10 things you should know about the climate negotiations at COP21. 
  • Do you have hard questions about climate change? The New York Times is offering interactive short answers. 
  • For all the non-climate negotiators, here’s Scientific American’s guide to understanding the climate lingo at COP21.

COP21 and Canada: 

  • Days before COP21, Justin Trudeau announced that Canada will contribute $2.65 billion over five years to the Green Climate Fund to help developing nations fight climate change. DeSmog Canada provides a primer for what this means to Canada and other developed nations. 
  • Claire Martin from the Green Party of Canada shared Deconstructing Paris’ analysis of the updated draft text on her Facebook page (along with behind the scenes videos and pictures with Green Party leader, Elizabeth May).
  • Watch a highlight reel of Justin Trudeau’s opening speech at COP21 at the Globe and Mail.

COP21 and the World: 

  • Climate Action Network International awarded New Zealand and Belgium with the first Fossil of the Day Award in Paris. Other fossils include Denmark and Saudi Arabia for day 4 and 5 of COP21.
  • Politico explains the push from developing countries to add a loss and damage section to the COP21 agreement and how without the addition of this section, developing countries do not see an outcome in Paris.
  • Ajay Mathur, a senior negotiator for India, announces that they’re willing to cut coal usage as long as the COP21 price is right. 

Here’s what A\J posted this week:

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