Through sharing her adventures and reflections in the food movement, Jo Anne will explore complex issues from a youth perspective, including: the need for an innovative, integrated, empowerment-focused approach to food security; the connections between social justice, environmental issues, and food production; and reviews of foodie events in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Jo Anne has diverse experience in the food movement, from leading an organic elementary school garden project in Reagent Park to helping draft the National Student Food Charter- a document that is being launched this fall and was created through student consultations. It reflects stident priorities on healthy communities, social justice, and environmental respect. She is also the Co-Director of the Meal Exchange Chapter at the University of Toronto, a club that uses student engagement to respond to a local hunger and poverty issues, and a University of Toronto Food Advisory Committee member. These positions allow Jo Anne to stay on top of food justice developments and keep her aware of current events. 


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