Presented by TD Bank and the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, A\J’s Summer Reading series will give you a summer-long resource for both your love of Canada’s waters and learning more about the complex ecosystems at the heart of the great outdoors. You’ll get tips and tools that you can use to protect our vital natural inheritance.

Every week through August and into September, our writers, including Andrew Reeves [A\J regular columnist and contributing editor, working on book about invasive Asian Carp and the Great Lakes], will be producing a new story that will be posted to Follow A\J’s social media channels to stay up-to-date with this summer’s reading. 

Reeves’ first four stories, exploring the Rouge National Urban Park, Our Growing Greenbelt, Waukesha Water Wars, and Neverending Story:  Lake Erie's Algae Problems, are sure to provoke thought, discussion and debate. Other stories will cover new solutions for protecting migrating fish, and a special feature on the role of trees as a critical tool in urban stormwater management.

So as you sit by the dock of the bay, at your campsite or relax in your stay-cation, you’ll have all-new and must-read content from A\J.

Make sure to check back here regularly for new updates and exclusive stories, presented with our sincere gratitude by TD Bank and Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation.




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