Holiday survival guide

December isn’t always an easy time of year. Winter weather is bearing down, kids are home from school on holidays, you have to talk to family members whose political views you can barely tolerate – and of course there’s the constant bombardment with pressure to consume, consume, consume.

But never fear; A\J is here. We’ve assembled some great content to help get you through the month. In addition to the tips and tricks below, you may also want to check out our 12 Days of Joy series for some feel-good stories to inspire you on the toughest days.

Green your gifts

Read our 9 Guidelines for Green Giving before you do all your shopping.

Plus, here's how to guard against the lure of green consumerism, six more steps to cut the greenwash, and the Greenwashing and You! zine, a primer on "green" capitalism.

Green your gift wrap

Check out our 8 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Gift Wrap Waste, including repurposing packing paper and resusing your existing gift wrap.




Keep the kids entertained

Celebrate wildlife with these family-friendly indoor and outdoor activities.





Indulge sustainably

Check out our tips for choosing ethical and eco-friendly chocolate, or find out what makes beer or wine sustainable. 

Bonus: Six local spirits from across the country.


Stay toasty

Get comfy with our 9 instant home warm-ups.

Bonus: 10 Ways to Make Your Home a Cozy Snuggle Palace When it's Grey + Horrible Outside, from Yes and Yes.


Choose a tree

Lifecycle analysis answers the Christmas tree debate: real or fake?




Navigate family conversations about climate change

Use Stephen Bocking's tips when talking to climate-change-denying (or just clueless) relatives. Grist also has some good advice for averting family disasters.


Laura is a past A\J managing editor. She has an MA in Communication Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University, is an organizing aficionado, lackadaisical gardener, and former musical theatre producer. @inhabitings

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