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Smoke rising over German factories. (Foto-Rabe/Pixabay)
Recent research from UNC-Chapel Hill suggests air quality improvements since the 1990s have cut the number of deaths related to air pollution in half.
Rob Stewart swims with the sharks.
The animal we fear the most is being driven to extinction in the name of human beauty.
Land and sea/Photo by Mario Azzi on Unsplash
Parallel studies show the dangers of our warming world and its rising seas.
BEF-China's experimental site/Photo by UZH
Does species richness impact how effectively a forest can absorb excess carbon? A three-country, eight-year study (finally) has answers.
Our oceans' super-predators are disappearing - here's why
Algae pollution at a Berkeley, CA marina/Andy Wang on Unsplash
Researchers from the Université de Montréal have identified a tipping point at which land can no longer retain phosphorous. Odds are good we've passed that point.
\Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash
LESS is more than a student film, but a reflection on generational materialism.
Thrift shopping with Anita Ballachanda/Yoshi Matsuzaki Photo
Project: Trashion shows the value (and style) in rethinking fast fashion.
Waste paper recycling in Holland/Bas Emmen on Unsplash
The broad push towards creating a circular waste economy isn't unique to the United States; it's happening in Canada, too.
Citizens protesting pipeline expansion in Burnaby, BC/Mark Klotz
The Trans Mountain pipeline court decision will test just how long Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can maintain his energy-environment balancing act.
Paper Princess/Yoshi Matsuzaki Photo; Michelle Sin Design
Project: Trashion aims to rethink waste in the fashion industry, one work of art (and dumpster dive) at a time.
Narwhals surfacing in Nunavut/Paul Nicklen — Provided by WWF-Canada
Government researchers and World Wildlife Fund experts seek to uncover elusive narwhal activities at Tallurutiup Tariunga.
Growing coffee in Colombia/Eddy Milfort
Deep in the Andes Mountains, where growing coffee is a multi-billion business, the creeping impacts of global warming are threatening a way of life.
Smoke blocks out the sun above a wildfire blaze in Colorado/DVIDSHUB CC BY
Propping up the old economy can only lead to 'Hothouse Earth'. But it's not a foregone conclusion.
Toronto's waterfront/Photo by Eugene Aikimov on Unsplash
Major urban centres around the world are having honest conversations about the risks of building in flood plains. But not in Toronto.
Busy streets in Bangkok, ThailandPhoto by Dan Freeman on Unsplash
New ways of thinking about "overpopulation" can help make sure you're doing it right.
Endless bottle caps as plastic pollution/NOAA Photo Library
Strong winds break up plastic patches in the Great Lakes, leading researchers (and clean up crews) to target shorelines.
Che Cu Nha commune in Vietnam/Doan Tuan on Unsplash
Can we manage landscapes effectively to balance agriculture and nature conservation?
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