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An Ontario SwiftWatch volunteer peers into a chimney.
Biologist Carolyn Zanchetta climbs buildings to help stop chimney swift numbers from falling.
produce on a kitchen scale.
Bust through the confusion and competition between these two green-eating buzzwords.
Dandelions in a field.
Often seen as a pesky weed, dandelions actually have a variety of uses and health benefits! Here's how to use them.
Skateboards designed by students in the Oasis Skateboard Factory.
Skateboarding has become the leading contributor to maple deforestation, but innovative designers are finding ways to lessen its environmental impact.
Queen's Park, ontario parliament building at night.
Hopes for sweeping new green legislation on everything from protecting the Great Lakes to improving recycling rates have been dashed.
Nursery with shelves, a crib, couch and skylights.
Tips for a healthy, happy baby.
Fresh produce at the Byward Market by Jamie McCaffrey
The Conference Board of Canada's plan released this year prioritizes industry prosperity over health, sustainability and security – and individual responsibility over effective policy.
Dutch Disease: extractive industries drive currency up, manufacturing declines.
Countries that frantically produce a single resource – like oil – often develop this known economic killer. We need to inoculate the economy with energy diversification before it’s too late.
Ian Johnston, Between the Lines (Light) (detail), 2010
The BC-based artist’s Reinventing Consumption exhibit calls attention to planned obsolescence, the rise of postwar consumer culture and today’s rising sea of e-waste.
Volunteers serve food at St. John's Kitchen.
The Working Centre, a community skill-building organization in Kitchener, describes how they put their sharing philosophy to work.
Woman and man having a conversation on the street.
Three tips for steering the conversation in the right direction.
Craft beer
What's the environmental impact of your glass of beer or wine? Ontario breweries and wineries are starting to take sustainability seriously.
Fingerling Chinook salmon at Port Credit Harbour
Few of the hundreds of thousands of Chinook salmon introduced into Lake Ontario each year survive to maturity, but the Ministry of Natural Resources is still betting on them to help to improve the health of the Great Lakes.
You'd be surprised what people flush down the toilet – and how much it's costing municipalities to clean up.
Laurentian University Architecture ice fishing huts project
Laurentian University’s new School of Architecture is revolutionizing the profession in Canada by focusing on local and cultural contexts.
DIY homemade deodorants with baking soda and cornstarch
Mix up a DIY version in just five minutes that will keep you dry and stink-free using ingredients you already have in your kitchen.
Open Data in Canada
The open sharing of government data has the potential to reboot public participation in politics.
The surging popularity of vintage shops is just one sign of the emerging circular economy.
No windmills here
Dismissing wind and solar protesters as cartoon villains is a common red herring which distracts from the real origins of Ontario’s renewable energy unrest.
Common lilacs make great water-saving flowers for your garden
Reduce water use and maintenance with plants that can handle a little summer neglect.
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