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Juvenile silver carp, an invasive species in North American waterways.
The US Army Corps of Engineers is weighing the options for keeping the invasive species out of Lake Michigan.
Snowy owl in flight.
Thousands of snowy owls are taking Eastern North America by storm.
Woodland caribou
Federal and provincial ministries have been ignoring deadlines for recovery strategies outlined in the Species At Risk and Endangered Species acts – and worse.
Illegal logging during Sochi Olympics road construction.
Russia has not lived up to the environmental promises made for the 2014 Winter Olympics, and is cracking down on environmentalists for pointing this out.
Chief Arlen Dumas, Mathias Colomb Cree Nation at a Hudbay Minerals protest.
Communities in Guatemala and Manitoba are getting their day in court against the Canadian mining giant.
parkways and driveways A\J
The origin of suburbs and the evolution of transportation provide lessons for reimagining our cities.
Arctic tundra, Victoria Island, Nunavut.
On a research trip to Nunavut, Stu Campana reflects on how our increasing presence in the Arctic is threatening the local wildlife.
A shale gas well in Pennsylvania
Fracking’s ROI is actually negative: it costs more to extract fracked gas and oil than it's even worth.
People from the University of Victoria promoting a divestment campaign
Divestment activist Cameron Fenton gives students an update and advice about fossil fuel divestment campaigns at the “Just Education?” conference at the University of Waterloo.
Pipeline oil spill.
If upstream and downstream economic benefits get counted, then so should environmental impacts, the Pembina Institute argues in a new report.
WiRE co-founders Rebecca Black and Joanna Szarek Osawe.
WiRE is creating unique opportunities for women to connect with the renewable energy sector.
Remodelling a small bathroom to save energy and resources.
How to lower your water and electricity use – and the costs that come with them – when remodelling your bathroom.
The official Night\Shift recap video
Relive Kitchener's inaugural festival of nocturnal adventure – and get ready for the next round!
Crimes against ecology A\J
The latest casualties of the government’s attacks on science, irreplaceable collections have been either destroyed or given away like the spoils of war.
blanding's turtle Benimoto A\J
In the battle over threatened species and renewable energy, who will win?
dumpster diving A\J
A Q&A with a veteran dumpster diver, to answer all of your concerns about the why, how and safety aspects of reclaiming garbage.
coal smokestacks A\J
As Ontario winds down its coal-burning power stations, Eastern Europe is looking to lignite to lower its energy prices.
winter biking basics A\J
We clear up the misconceptions about this great winter activity and offer some tips to help you stay riding all year long.
ice hockey at risk due to climate change A\J
With outdoor hockey at stake, can the NHL rebound towards sustainability?
Whooping Cranes in captivity at the International Crane Foundation, Baraboo, WI.
The ICF's work with Whooping Cranes has become one of its best-known and greatest success stories.