Ethical Water book review A\J
What will we do when the water runs out? More importantly, how do we develop an ethical relationship with water, nature and ourselves?
We Are Not Ghosts film review A\J
This earnest documentary weaves together stories of Detroiters who are rebuilding a vibrant community from scratch.
Trashed film review A\J
The world is filled with unprecedented amounts of trash, and we have the garbage mountains and ocean gyres to prove it.
Blue-Green Province book review A\J
Mark Winfield provides an important guide to the history and development of the province’s environmental regulations.
The End of Growth book review A\J
Our current global economy is almost entirely dependent on coal, oil and gas, and the price of retrieving these resources is becoming prohibitively expensive in a hurry.
Chasing Ice film review A\J
This quietly jarring documentary about National Geographic photographer James Balog’s work explores the challenge of bringing climate change into focus.
Plato's Revenge book review A\J
For William Ophuls, true progress depends on expanded consciousness, not material advances.
This Soil, This Water book review A\J
This Ed Schleimer and Susan Hodges Bryant collaboration tackles an ecological controversy that has continued to percolate for more than two decades: the Walkerton, Ontario, E. coli water crisis.
The Third Industrial Revolution book review A\J
Jeremy Rifkin imagines a new industrial model and presents an uplifting vision of the future.
Rethinking the Great White North book review A\J
A collection of essays expose the racism and ethnocentrism embedded in our sense of nation and nature.

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