Being the Change, Peter Kalmus, Gabriola Island, BC: New Society Publishers, 201
Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution
Beyond Crisis, written , directed and edited by Kai Reimer-Watts, Toronto Creati
A story of hope for a rapidly changing world
Edging Forward. Ann Dale, Fernweh Press, 2018.
Keeping the wheel turning in the drive towards sustainability.
Still image from Metamorphosis
It's not about guilt and grief but a fine balance of hope and inspiration to guide humanity through the travails of climate change.
Clean Money Revolution by Joel Solomon
"We can no longer pretend that we’re morally detached from the stocks and bonds we invest in," writes investor Joel Solomon. "It is our responsibility to know, and to act accordingly.”
The film by Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier and Edward Burtynsky forces us to view the global consequences of our actions head on.
Bat by Tessa Laird
In "Bat", Tessa Laird explores our deep anxieties and morbid fascinations with bats.
Accidental Gravity. Bernard Quetchenbach. Oregon State University Press, 249 pp.
In 'Accidental Gravity,' Montana State University english professor Bernard Quetchenbach explores nature, landscapes and a search for home without the dripping nostalgia often accompanying nature writing. Its absence is refreshing.
'Drawdown', edited by Paul Hawken. Penguin Books. 240 pp
"We know we can’t avoid the cataclysmic impacts of global warming by only focusing on achieving zero net carbon emissions; we must also rapidly re-sequester carbon."
Heart Waters delivers the message that water security and ultimately food security are contingent upon sound land stewardship and the political will to adopt more sustainable environmental policies

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