TINY small house documentary review A\J
Size does matter when trying to adopt a simpler lifestyle, according to this rousing documentary.
Elemental film. Review on A\J.
Elemental tells the stories of three environmental crusaders on three continents and their common goal to protect their communities from neglect, indifference and destruction.
Designing Suburban Futures \ June Williamson
Williamson pens a call to action on suburban retrofits, seeing the vast potential of urban resilience.
The Oak Ridges Moraine Battles A\J
This author trio takes a critical look at the clashes between stakeholders in the GTA struggle over sprawl.
Unlikely Radicals Charlie Angus A\J
The David and Goliath tale of a 20-year campaign of creative and determined civil resistance, pitting a community against entrenched economic and political powers in Ontario.
Oil Sands Karaoke
Director Charles Wilkinson offers a glimpse into the lives of pragmatic oil sands workers through the lens of a karaoke competition.
Digging the City Review Rhona McAdam A\J
Changing urban food culture will require a shift in consciousness, but is essential for future health and well-being, argues veteran food writer and activist Rhona McAdam.
Food and the City Review Jennifer Cockrall-King A\J
Cockrall-King puts present-day urban agriculture in a historical context and offers solutions to those seeking alternatives to the multinational agribusiness food system.
Hiroshima Nagasaki Download web screenshot A\J
Shinpei Takeda brings a profound human element to nuclear events with his collection of stories from atomic bomb survivors around the world.
Louis Helbig Sunken Villages A\J
Helbig's images are subtly beautiful compositions that capture the troubling history of the St. Lawrence Seaway.

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