Contributor Guidelines: Online Content

A\J accepts submissions for guest posts or series, including (but not exclusive to) short essays, interviews, news coverage and analysis, profiles of environmental leaders and how-to articles. We are also open to proposals for ongoing blogs, though our capacity for additional regular bloggers is limited. 

We’re looking for posts that provide original analysis or a new perspective on a timely issue of relevance to our readers across Canada. Stories can include your own experience and don’t have to be strongly academic, but they need to bring something new to the table, and move the discussion forward.

We are especially looking for writers with an environmental justice perspective, people of colour and contributors located outside of Ontario.

Please note: We do not accept guest posts from SEO marketing companies or writers representing commercial websites.

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Generally, posts should be 500 to 800 words. We will ocasionally take longer posts for special features, though pieces longer than 1,200 words will rarely be published (and most likely in specific circumstances, such as investigative reporting on an evolving current event, in-depth interviews or group-produced posts).


Original content published exclusively on and written by professional and amateur writers and students may be eligible for payment. Please indicate your interest in this funding in your submission. Regular bloggers also receive a free print or digital subscription to A\J.

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